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    Suggestions for fire breathing mini amp

    I know it's a bit more then you had in mind, but I would recommend checking out the Baron Snott Watt. Baron Custom Amps - Snott Watt
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    When Brian May Introduced my band Collibus

    wow man, thats freaking amazing!
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    If you like Mastodon, you will LOVE this band.....

    isn't this some of the guys from iron thrones? Anyway, pretty awesome!
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    Looking for vocalist - online collab - (modern metal ?)

    I'd be happy to record some vox for ya, here's a video of me doing Apocalypse by septicflesh: my cleans kind of suck in it so bear with me. For recoding on the song you have posted I was thinking of using a whispered spoken word in parts, similar to Insomnium.
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    Peterborough Music Company

    we just got a few awesome hollow and semi-hollowbody guitars from D'Angelico in stock! Full Service Music Store, Music Lessons, New and Used Instrument Sales, Instrument Repair, Supplies Full Service Music Store, Music Lessons, New and Used Instrument Sales, Instrument Repair, Supplies Full...
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    Wormed Vocals?

    it's a well controlled inhale. A lot of people get close, but I have never heard someone sound exactly like phlegaton.
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    Favorite solos?

    so many great ones!! Of the top of my head I can think of: Shawn Lane-grey piano's flying, epilog for lisa Alan Holdsworth- metal fatigue, city nights Death- Chuck's solo in a moment of clarity, without judgment, both solo's from within the mind Pantera- Floods Jason Becker- Altitudes Cynic-...
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    Looking to start up progressive metal project

    I'm looking to start up a progressive extreme metal project called Unhealer. Here is a video of of me playing the rhythm part to a song I wrote for this project called Introspection at the End of Light: I plan on doing guitar and vocals for this project, and I hope to get a professionally...
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    Peterborough Music Company

    Hey guys, I recently started working for a small music shop in my home town. We've got some cool stuff on the shelves right now, so I figured I'd put some of it up here: Blueridge BR-73AS acoustic guitar w/ barcus-berry pickup: Full Service Music Store, Music Lessons, New and Used...
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    Mad genius? Or simply mad?

    that second guthrie video is really helpful! Thanks man, this one is pretty awesome as well!
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    Mad genius? Or simply mad?

    so I had a brilliant idea, of a partially fretless guitar for playing metal on. Keep the low frets for heavy slamming rhythm, lose the high frets for crazy weird jazz solo's. Anyway, I pulled the upper octave of frets off my apex and here are the results. Forgive the sloppy playing, it's...
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    What's wrong with Soldano for modern metal?

    this was soldano's.
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    R.I.P. Richie Havens :(

    man, he was awesome! such a unique player.
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    Paul Gilbert

    I'm 21 and I freaking LOVE gilbert! his tone, phrasing and technique are all beyond incredible!
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    People you know who like Metal?

    I do the opposite to fight prejudiced in a way, my long hair is usually down, I'm usually wearing some violent/obviously metal shirt and then act polite, personable and friendly. I also tend to get more surprise due to my other hobbies, such as anime cons/cosplaying and LARP.
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    Thinking about a triamp mk2 kettner

    I can't say enough good about the triamp mk II!!!
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    Distortion and Delay Pedal

    amptweaker for distortion, as for delay, I just picked up a way huge echo-puss which I am LOVING! It's like a carbon copy with more tone shaping options!
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    Brann Dailor from Mastodon accents lead guitar?

    not a solo per-say, but I always felt that brann's playing perfectly accented the lead break in blood and thunder.
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    NGD - Laney Ironheart Studio

    it blows my mind how good the tone is in that demo! Especially considering how fast it was recorded!