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    Anyone have experience with the Hilbish Beta Preamp?

    Another option to consider is that if you’re handy with electronics at all you could consider building a beta lead pedal with some of the premade PCBs out there. This would give you control over the routing as well as be a hell of a lot cheaper. I’m currently working on one due to the lack of...
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    New song idea..still a work in progress (Industrial Metallica?)

    Not my style of music but I dig the production and the approach you took.
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    Render in Reaper not giving accurate mix?

    I used to have that happen on my old computer, nothing on the master bus but after rendering the mix would sound completely different. Doesn’t happen on my current set up and I don’t know how to fix it but just letting you know you’re not crazy.
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    Need help on getting EZDrummer cymbals sounding “real”

    Can’t offer much help but I dig the tune.
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    Doom/Sludge IRs - FREE

    Just wondering if you guys have any good amp vsts that you would recommend for this kind of music.