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  1. MarmaladeMad

    Small Product Lab Competition: Quick Metal Mix Guide

    So it's the last 2 weeks of summer school and I came across Gumroads 'Small Product Lab Competition' which seems to be a much better way of spending time than studying Accounts. It basically gives you just 10 days to officialy release a product, narrowed...
  2. MarmaladeMad

    MONUMENTS - I, The Creator Guitar Cover (Slow-Mo and flamethrower included)

    Hey guys. This cover was the result of a boring afternoon with an expensive, borrowed camera. I know I'm late to the party, seeing that this song has been up for quite a while now and everyone has already covered it, but it is an awesome song and really fun to play so I hope you guys enjoy it!
  3. MarmaladeMad

    Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra with test clip

    While looking for some freebies for my Kontakt player, I came across Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra which is a creative commons licensed orchestral sample library. Even though it contains very basic samples with no velocity layers or addition articulations, it sounds pretty great and is good...
  4. MarmaladeMad

    Nick Johnston

    Nick Johnston is my go-to guitar player these days for times when i want to feel incompetent at playing guitar. Incredible player, and he just makes it look too ridiculously easy. I first heard about him when listening to a 'The Mothership' song after which I checked out his first album, 'Public...
  5. MarmaladeMad

    Metal Machine Mix Test

    So Toontrack's Metal Machine really does have some of the best drum sounds ever! This along with EZmix for guitars and bass is really all you need for a br00tal setup. Here is a short, full mix using it. Once again, any feedback to help the mix is welcome...
  6. MarmaladeMad

    Pitch shifting a bass guitar, good enough?

    It took me a while to realise after getting my seven string that recording would be a pain without a 5 string bass. So as an experiment, I played the song on the second string of the bass and shifted it an octave down. It does sound flabby but can it pass off as a decent recording, given the...
  7. MarmaladeMad

    Desi Metal 'Nagada Sang' (Indian song cover)

    So it turns out that Indian songs make for some great, old fashioned metal overdub covers. Seriously loving EZmix 2 right now even though it feels like cheating because of the absolute minimal effort I had to put in. Hope you guys enjoy it...
  8. MarmaladeMad

    Jake Bowen DiMarzio Titan Riff cover

    Jake Bowen recently released his new signature DiMarzio Titan pickup and in the video, he plays a riff right at the beginning which is one of the catchiest riffs I've heard in a while. Here is a link to the video in case anyone hasn't seen it: DiMarzio Titan Pickups for Jake Bowen - YouTube So...
  9. MarmaladeMad

    First NID: PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL with EZmix Test clip!

    So I finally used an audio interface which isn't borrowed! After way too much research, I ended up purchasing the PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL. Originally, I was contemplating getting this or the Focusrite 2i4 but ended up going with the PreSonus after watching some of Ola Englund's videos...
  10. MarmaladeMad

    Need help with a weird pickup situation!

    So due to the lack of availability where i live, I had to ask a relative to bring back some pickups for my RG7321 (which is in dire need of them). The thing is that i was only able to get the DiMarzio Blaze bridge and not it's neck counterpart. Now it'll be a while before i can ask to get the...
  11. MarmaladeMad

    First NGD: Ibanez RG7321, Binding content!

    Greetings! So i finally got my first seven string guitar, the Ibanez RG7321. After way too much research, i found that this guitar seemed like a pretty solid option due to its affordability. Since it is one of the more common seven strings, I'm sure you all are well aware of the specs, and don't...