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    Cloudkicker and Intronaut tour this spring!

    Best show I've been to in a while.
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    Is there a Metal Scene in in KC MO?

    I did everything for that album. And I had massive amounts of help from the forum members on here. Many of them know their shit, and I owe them a lot of thanks.
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    Is there a Metal Scene in in KC MO?

    Yes. There are a lot of good bands who pass through here, and many locals open for most of the shows. We have a strong fan base, but venues are hard to come by here and proves to be the biggest problem.
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    Pokemon X/Y Official Announcement (3DS)

    My FC is 4742-6048-1821. I was wondering if anyone just wanted to some trade evolutions with me? I want a Gengar and Machamp.
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    Pokemon X and Y Friend Safari

    I guess I'm not far enough in the game yet, but can someone please explain this to me? I'm intrigued. I really need to evolve my Haunter too :D
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    Batman/Superman Movie 2015

    uhhhhh....the new batman is......
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    Commander Chris Hadfield records Space Oddity... in space

    He posts some amazing photos on his twitter as well.
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    Dell'Isola 7str Build(Ziricote Goodness!)

    It's been a long while, so how about some updates? NGD very soon. :) That's an 8 string hipshot, just for pictures.
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    Daylight - "Jar" (FFO - 90s music)

    I've been jamming this record nonstop since it came out, and I figure it would be nice to share some good jams. :yesway: I'm a huge 90s fan, mainly the pseudo-grunge bands(STP, AIC, Soundgarden, PJ), and this band Daylight really went back in time on this record. Sounds like a straight up 90s...
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    What is your favorite Youtuber(s)?

    I was one of SSoHPKC's first subscribers :yesway: The fact that him and the rest of the Creatures are all shooting up to 500k subs plus, besides Dan and Ze, is mind blowing. If you like them too, watch Two Best Friends Play aka Matt and Pat. Their youtube name is TheSw1tcher.
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    Northlane Thread - New Album 3-22-12

    I just realized the date in the thread title is wrong. :lol:
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    Northlane Thread - New Album 3-22-12

    Their new song impressed the hell out of me. :yesway: Looking for to the new album, it's going to be so hype!
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    Same artwork as Circle of Contempt?

    See that's why I posted this. It was to see if anyone recognized it before 2009 or so, and that's the only reasoning I could think of also. Seems odd to me. :shrug:
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    Same artwork as Circle of Contempt?

    Is it just me....or do these two album covers look the same? :lol: I mean did they steal it, or perhaps the original artist decided to use the same artwork for 2 bands? I just thought this was really odd, and since a lot of people on here appreciate CoC I thought I would share.
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    Angel Vivaldi discussion

    He's a member here.
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    Little Tybee/Josh Martin 8-String

    Dell'Isola is the man.
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    Walk as Chaos "Impasse" Video

    This band is so damn good. Sacha is fucking insane.