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  1. laxu

    NPAD: Fryette Power Station PS-100

    I used to own a Power Station 2 a few years ago and back then felt that it was not worth keeping because it wasn't all that helpful with my Bogner Goldfinger 45 Superlead which has an excellent master volume as is and doesn't really benefit from cranking it. But ever since selling it I have...
  2. laxu

    How do you manage 8 string tone?

    Thought I'd start a thread about how to get the best tone out of your 8-string. I find it's often difficult to get a good balance when you have strings capable of very low freqs and then you have the rest. So how do you set up to get your preferred tone out of an 8-string? Do you use EQ to cut...
  3. laxu

    ML Sound Labs Amped ML5 (Mesa Mark V amp sim)!

    Didn't see a thread about this one, but it's pretty great.
  4. laxu

    Ibanez EHB series - headless multiscale basses!

    Ibanez in a surprise move is releasing a series of headless basses for this year. The black is as boring as they come but I dig the seafoam green one. A bit on the fence for the burl top model finishes, I wish they had done the "beach"...
  5. laxu

    BluGuitar Amp 1 Iridium "metal edition" is coming

    No sounds unfortunately but an overview of what it will do: Since this forum is more metal oriented I thought this might be of more interest than when I posted about the Amp 1 Mercury Edition. The Iridium looks to be largely the same deal but with some improvements like cab sim filters...
  6. laxu

    NGD: BluGuitar Amp 1 Mercury Edition!

    I've had the weekend to play around with my brand new BluGuitar Amp 1 Mercury Edition. It's a 100W, pedal sized 4 channel amp. It has a miniature tube in the poweramp to provide a tube amp response and then the heavy lifting is done by a Class D solid-state poweramp. It's all analog except for...
  7. laxu

    New cab day! Bluetone 4x10

    So I just got a Bluetone 4x10 cab with 10" Celestion Greenbacks. It sounds big and tight while at a mere 16 kg it's so light I can lift it with one hand! I plan to convert my Bogner Goldfinger 45 Superlead 1x12 combo into a head to go with the cab as the combo is one heavy sucker to move. No...
  8. laxu

    Replacement for 8-string BKP Juggernaut?

    So I'm not happy with the excessive midrangyness of the BKP Juggernaut in the bridge position of my Skervesen Shoggie 8. It's a fine pickup if most of what you play is extreme metal but for everything else it is pretty honky and I can't dial that out without messing the tone of the BKP Mule in...
  9. laxu

    Why aren't multiscale headless basses a thing?

    It seems there are no headless multiscale basses on the market at all. Strandberg has been showing off the same prototype for years but nothing has become available to buy. Is there a reason why headless multiscale basses are not a thing? Seems to me it would be a great way to avoid neck dive...
  10. laxu

    NGD: Skervesen Shoggie 8!

    It's been a long wait but my Skervesen Shoggie 8 is finally here! Good I was not in any hurry as this took about 12 instead of the estimated 8-9 months. The end result is just spectacular. I made a Photoshop mockup by crudely piecing together some Skervesen product pics and wood sample pics from...
  11. laxu

    How do the Lace Alumitones work?

    So I've got a Strandberg Boden OS 8 coming in next week and I went with Lace X-Bar pickups because I don't like EMGs. But now that I read more about the Lace pickups they seem to be a very unique design. Can somebody explain to me how they work? Based on pics they don't have the traditional...
  12. laxu

    Kiesel Aries AM7 - 6 months later

    You can find my NGD thread here: Pics of the guitar can be found here: I've owned the guitar for about 6 months now so I figured it was time to give you some idea how it has been. The finish issues you see...
  13. laxu

    How do you use your ERG?

    So I've been thinking of getting an 8-string but I'm still not completely sure if it's for me. I tried tuning my 7-string multiscale's lower strings down to F# and B to check how it sounds but of course it's not the same as the strings are too skinny. I had fun with it but at the same time...
  14. laxu

    Headless guitar builders?

    So I have GAS for a 7 or 8 string headless guitar. What builders are out there doing these kind of guitars? The ones I know of: Kiesel Skervesen Strandberg Overload Claas Padalka Mera Out of these the ones that appeal to me the most aesthetically are probably Skervesen and Kiesel.
  15. laxu

    Skervesen Shoggie FF8 (EU)

    Interested in buying a fanned fret Skervesen Shoggie 8-string, if one with the right specs and looks is floating around somewhere in EU. Might consider a 7 as well.
  16. laxu

    Skervesen owners! How do you like your guitars now?

    So I've been having GAS for a 7 or 8 string Skervesen Shoggie DC for a while now and have looked thru several of the threads posted here and gone thru their Facebook page. The guitars look pretty awesome but those who have owned a Shoggie or other Skervesen models for a longer time, have you...
  17. laxu

    Any thoughts on the Ibanez BTB series?

    So I'm thinking of grabbing the Ibanez BTB1605 DTF bass. Seems to be a reasonable price and good specs and looks. Any thoughts or experiences with this model or the series in general?
  18. laxu

    NGD: Kiesel Aries AM7 in Deep Aquaburst!

    So after slightly over 3 months (only a tiny bit over the estimate given) I received my Kiesel AM7. I went with a mahogany body, quilted maple top and headstock plus a flamed maple fretboard. I now wish I had gone for stainless steel or gold EVO frets but these are just regular ones. The...
  19. laxu

    Alternatives to flame top Ibanez RG 7-strings?

    So I've decided I want to get myself a fancy looking 7-string superstrat to replace my old 1989 Ibanez RG550 six string. I've got several other six strings but the RG550 is my only guitar with a Floyd trem. The last 7-string I had was a Dean 6/7 doubleneck but that one had a Les Paul style...

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