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  1. Dores

    A Tricky Recording Challenge

    How would you do this? I'm thinking about making more mixing and recording tutorials for my Youtube channel (Metal Guitar Stuff), and I'm having some practical issues about the recording. Here is what I want to record simultaneously: My mono guitar signal from Axe FX My mono voice from XLR mic...
  2. Dores

    Screwed up my finish...

    So I recently removed some scrathes from my car, and though I could use the "Scratch removal wax" on my RG7620 as well. Obviously that was a lousy idea, now the paint is all hazy and stuff. I guess it was way too abrasive. What do I do now? Find some guitar polish and rub it? Wet sand? Any help...
  3. Dores

    ENGL Special Edition 670 Users & Experiences

    Had one a couple of years a long time ago. Went the fireball - powerball - SE route. It was a good and versatile amp, but extremely heavy and pricey. Then I purchased an Axe FX Standard and I still haven't looked back. Not to sound like an Axe missionary, but I have never been more happy with my...
  4. Dores

    So I blind tested BIAS FX vs my Axe FX Standard

    While I won't release the results just yet, I totally agree that Stevie T showcased some horrible sounds on the BIAS. I totally suspect that Positive Grid has been doing some aggressive marketing towards the bigger Youtubers. That whole video just seemed like a strange parody...
  5. Dores

    So I blind tested BIAS FX vs my Axe FX Standard

    So I just recently purchased BIAS FX to see if it was an alternative to my good old Axe FX Standard. After playing around with it a bit, I made this blind test. I would be interesting to see what you guys think about it. This blind test of course has several natural inconsistencies: nothing...
  6. Dores

    Vocalist seeking online projects

    You sound incredible. I messaged you on Facebook, let me know if you somehow don't get the message or for some reason don't speak Norwegian. :)
  7. Dores

    Vocalist wanted for online melodeath/metal collaborations!

    Metal Guitar Stuff is looking for vocalists for some online collaboration videos/songs. I cannot offer any money, but I have a subscriber base of over 25.000 on youtube, so there is potential for a lot of exposure. All types of vocals welcome, male or female, clean and / or growling. You must be...
  8. Dores

    Original Song "Mechanical Malfunction" - Metal

    Guitar: Ibanez RG7620 w/ DiMarzio X2N7 Amp: Axe FX Standard Mixed in Reaper Drums: EzDrummer 2.0 Enjoy!
  9. Dores

    Original metal song - "Challenges"

    Hi everyone! I'm up with a new song called Challenges. It's all recorded with my Ibanez RG7620 w/ Dimarzio X2N7 in the bridge and stock pickup in the neck. That went into my Axe FX Standard and then into Reaper where it met EZdrummer 2.0 and made sweet love to it. I also added some bass with my...
  10. Dores

    Arch Enemy - War Eternal (Guitar, vocals cover)

    I originally entered this into a guitar cover contest, but then my girlfriend wanted to lay down some vocals. Enjoy! Gear used: Axe FX Standard, Ibanez RG7620, Yamaha RBX375, EZDrummer 2.0. What do you think?
  11. Dores

    Metal on an acoustic guitar?

    I should perhaps add that there is bass guitar underneath this.:shred:
  12. Dores

    Metal on an acoustic guitar?

    Decided to try this out with my Axe FX Standard. Turned out surprisingly well sounding!
  13. Dores

    Squier Affinity Strat + Axe FX = Metal?

    Got this guitar dirt cheap from a friend. I have no idea if the bridge pickup has been swapped, but anyways, it sounds pretty decent with my Axe FX.:hbang: What do you think?
  14. Dores

    Game of Thrones Theme - 7 String Metal Cover

    Thanks for the feedback guys! :)
  15. Dores

    Game of Thrones Theme - 7 String Metal Cover

    Hi guys! I just had to do it. What do you think about the mix?:hbang: Equipment: Axe FX Standard, Ibanez RG7620, Yamaha RBX375, M-audio Fast Track Ultra 8r, Reaper, Superior Drummer.
  16. Dores

    New Epica single - Wow!

    Epica just released the first single from their upcoming album. Their last album was a bit meh, so this sounds extremely promising. Doesn't sound like the same band at all. So much more brutal.:hbang: The guitar work and growling sounds 10x better than it has ever done. Anyone else as...
  17. Dores

    Bought a broken RG5SP2, need ideas

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on what's going on. I glued the headstock back on with some titebond, and decided to pimp the body with some ghetto spraypainting techniques. Here's the final result: Good enough for me! And it plays really well. Best $90 I've spent in a long...
  18. Dores

    Departure - Melodeath Axe FX / RG7620 snacks

    So I'm supposed to be reading for my exams, but somehow playing guitar is just so much more inspirational.:hbang: What do you think? Gear used: Ibanez RG7620 Yamaha RBX375 Axe FX Standard Reaper Superior Drummer 2.0
  19. Dores

    Bought a broken RG5SP2, need ideas

    Hi everyone! I recently won an Ibanez RG5SP2 on eBay for $90. It has a cracked headstock, and some missing trem/nut parts, but other than that it should be fine. I'm planning to fix the headstock myself with some titebond glue, and I have ordered the missing parts. Now I'm just not sure what...
  20. Dores

    Original djent/metal song, Axe FX tone test

    A few more riffs popped into my head yesterday, so here is another one: Aaaand here is the Axe FX Patch:

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