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  1. wretchedspawn

    Man, my tortoise died.

    He was a Golden Greek tortoise named Donkineses but I called him Cpt. Turtle. I only had him for just over a year. He was supposed to live for roughly 50. I checked on him when I got up and noticed he wasn't real attentive and didn't come to me as usual. He also looked dull compared to his usual...
  2. wretchedspawn

    What I thought wouldn't make a difference...

    We use two monitors that sit just behind our drummer. They used to be powered by our PA's monitor outs but I changed our setup a bit. I sent the cab mics and the PA main out(not the powered one) to a mixer. I panned the mics 100% left and right and the vocals from the PA stayed straight down the...
  3. wretchedspawn

    Picking and your thumb.

    Where is your thumb when you are picking? Should it touch the strings? Any pictures of how you pick? Thanks.
  4. wretchedspawn

    What is the craziest ....

    thing you have ever heard while under the influence?
  5. wretchedspawn

    This may be a dumb question but....

    Why wouldn't the things you do for a recorded mix work for a live mix? (Other than the changes you make for the mic being right on the speaker and such.)Like the high and low pass filters and the sidechaining and so on. Or do people do this and I don't know what I'm talking 'bout?
  6. wretchedspawn

    RMS Question

    What is the average RMS for most metal?
  7. wretchedspawn

    Something things I've noticed about this forum.

    Let me first say I'm not trying to be an asshole about this. It will probably make some dislike me or maybe some will agree. Either way, I say to you... I have noticed that unless you are "popular" or however you want to say it, not many people will respond to your threads. Though it seems if...
  8. wretchedspawn

    Vader Impulse...

    Does anybody have one they would like to share? If not, could someone please teach me how to make an impulse? With all the little details.(Though I would love to know this regardless.) Thanks. bump.
  9. wretchedspawn


    I want to start using some orchestra parts in our songs but I need a bit of help. I found a sound I really like, but I dont know all the instruments involved. It would be a great help if someone could identify these for me. Royalty Free Music Sample Player I can obviously hear the snare and...
  10. wretchedspawn


    I guess this goes here since the computer is an electronic. Does anyone know of a good metronome for download ,free or otherwise, that does lots-o-time signatures and triplets *and* 16ths. None of the ones I've seen so far do 16ths.:noway: (Erik Rutan looks weird as hell...
  11. wretchedspawn

    Gassing for a 5150/6505

    I've been wanting one really bad since I first played it. Of course as soon as I have some cash headed my way I can't find anything. Anyone know where I should look for a used 5150/6505 head? Not the combo. Google didn't help a great deal. The only Peavey's I've ever seen at my local GC are the...
  12. wretchedspawn

    Mr. Malone.....

    Anyone else think that James Malone sounds a hell of a lot like Angela from Arch Enemy? (Arsis kick serious ass.)
  13. wretchedspawn

    Pedals and ideas I have for a couple of mine.

    I have a wah pedal that I turned into a pickup-pan type deal. I never really use it to blend between the pups, just full bridge or neck. I also have a shitty EQ pedal that I don't use. So, one of my thoughts is to gut the EQ and turn it into a pup selector. Then, with the wah pedal, make a...
  14. wretchedspawn

    Cabs and Speakers.

    How much of the sound is the speakers and how much is the cab itself? Also, how does cabinet design affect the sound? Slant, straight, open/closed back, 4x12, 2x12, 1x12, any of the other variables, etc. Thanks.
  15. wretchedspawn

    Room Treatment...Kinda

    Where should I hang blankets/towels/etc. to help deaden room reverberations and such? The floor is carpeted but all the walls are bare wood except around the furnace which is brick. Here is a "picture" of what the band room looks like.
  16. wretchedspawn

    PA+Power amp....what to do?

    I want to power 2 speakers rated for 300 watts peak @ 8 Ohms using an outboard power amp because my PA is a bit underpowered for my bands current needs. I'm looking for more volume. What should I do: -Run the speakers in parallel off of 1 channel that pushes 400 watts @ 4 Ohms(This should...
  17. wretchedspawn

    Line 6 cab.

    I just discovered that the cab I use is the one that you humans refer to as the Vetta cab.
  18. wretchedspawn

    Question about stereo cabs.

    You can run 2 heads into a single stereo cab, correct?
  19. wretchedspawn

    Mic Test-Short Clip

    In the past almost every recording I had done was through the direct out of my amp and I've never been satisfied by the tone I got. I got ahold of a pair of pg57s from a friend a while back. I read somewhere that the differences between those and the sm57s weren't that great. So, I decided to...
  20. wretchedspawn

    New Behemoth Video

    I searched for it and didn't find anything so here you go. YouTube - BEHEMOTH - Prometherion Fucking Intense!:hbang: (I can never get any of the embed things to work)

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