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  1. WinstonWolf

    Cześć, możesz mi powiedzieć ile jest warty ten LACS head'a który leży w Byłem...

    Cześć, możesz mi powiedzieć ile jest warty ten LACS head'a który leży w Byłem chyba jego właścicielem jakiś czas?
  2. WinstonWolf

    Engl e950 Power Amp

    I know that is a really hiper-extra-Necro-resurection but i just want to say that this poweramp (i was talking with Engl Service about it) was produced in about ~3 copies. Just to complete the topic XD It's totally unavailable and it wasn't ever been available at all :D
  3. WinstonWolf

    BULB NGD - Mayones 7string Setius and 8string Regius Custom

    Mayo Guitars are the only thing that im proud of in poland (And of course Laboga Amps) :) Regius are brilliant and beautifull. And sound HUggee!
  4. WinstonWolf

    Line6 Relay G90

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Line6 Relay G90 Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): - Your Location (City,State or City,Country): no matter - USA or EU. International OK?: Yeah, CONUS or EU Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM here References (eBay or other forum userid): my iTrader here, siedemstrun at...
  5. WinstonWolf

    Ibanez K-7

    K7 still here?
  6. WinstonWolf

    Digitech Whammy/Harmony Pedal

    nnneeeeeeeeeedddd piiiiiiiicccccsssssssssss man ;)
  7. WinstonWolf

    Harley Benton G212 Vintage Cabinet

    Every single one ... thats strange - becouse i have Engl E212VH Pro cab and my V30 are not chinese. Ou, and those in Framus wasn't too. Ouch, and inside CAA212 cab wasn't too... and Diezel 212 WASN'T TOO. MAN - something strange is going out HERE! HELP us change ANY V30 to chineeessseee in every...
  8. WinstonWolf

    Harley Benton G212 Vintage Cabinet

    it's great quality for the money - that's right - but the CV30's are made in china, and thats WHY this cab is so cheap. But it still sounds really nice :) Its better than all other cabs with 'no-name' speakers like bugera.
  9. WinstonWolf

    TC Electronics G Major 2 II NIB (Europe/Poland)

    Hi guys, here is the info : Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: TC GMajor II New in Box Modifications (if any): No Accessories (hardshell case etc): All in box, not touched Location (City,State or City,Country): Cieszyn , Poland , can ship internationally of course (UE) Contact Info...
  10. WinstonWolf

    Is it still available?

    Is it still available?
  11. WinstonWolf

    Engl PowerAmp E930/E840 OR Head Blackmoore/PB/Savage

    Plese close this post, some F**** lady just crashed my car at the crossing :wallbash::wallbash: and im not able to buy new poweramp (right now) :wallbash: and again :wallbash:
  12. WinstonWolf

    Engl E840/50 poweramp

    Check e-mail :)
  13. WinstonWolf

    ENGL Powerball + 4*12 cab AND tons of other stuff: blowout sale! (EU/Germany)

    How much for Head only? I dont need the Cab/Rest. Location of this amp is Munich, DE or Manchester,UK?
  14. WinstonWolf

    Greets from poland

    Hi everyone! Im a newbecomer from Poland - in this lil introduction i want say only : "sorry for my english - i really know it suck" ;) But im trying to write correctly :hbang: Im playing sstrings for 4 years - im started with Flame (Mayones) EXG7 Custom and now im using IBZ K7 BG. Actually...

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