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  1. steelyad

    Africa Meme, but many strings!

    Evening all, it’s been a while. Thought this might amuse you as it’s all on one instrument, a 7-stringer. Neck like an ironing board, range like a piano! Cheers :)
  2. steelyad

    15 heavy VST amps vs Real amp, and pre/poweramp (video)

    Hey everyone You may/may not have seen the last video in this series. But here’s a Huge update! 15 heavy vst amps, and also thrown in there a real 6505+, and a Two Notes Le Lead into a Mesa 50/50 power amp. Enjoy!
  3. steelyad

    [VIDEO]:- X50 vs Waves PRS Archon vs BIAS AMP 2 vs Thermionik vs LePou vs Ignite Emissary vs.....

    Nick Crow, you say? Added to the list. I'll be revisiting this soon, but adding in:- A real 6505 (via reamp box and Torpedo Captor) Two Notes Le Lead TH3 Amplitube 4 Nick Crow Revalver Metal Zone? Just for a laugh? I bet I could get a half decent tone out if I set the controls right
  4. steelyad

    Making awesome videos for awesome people

    Making awesome videos for awesome people
  5. steelyad

    [VIDEO]:- X50 vs Waves PRS Archon vs BIAS AMP 2 vs Thermionik vs LePou vs Ignite Emissary vs.....

    Hey everyone I'm at home with the new baby, so today's video is one I could make without making a huge racket. We're comparing 8 different high gain amp sims back-to-back. The original guitar source was a Les Paul with BKP Juggernauts into a TS808, into a Tube DI box, then an Audient ASP800 -...
  6. steelyad

    Africa - Toto - 7-string bass cover

    Hey everyone I made a thing! I used a 7-string bass to play every part of "Africa" - drums, bass, keys, guitars, vocals. It's got a really big note range! Enjoy.
  7. steelyad

    Interview with Zilla Cabs

    Hi all, hope everyone's rockin'. Here's a first edit of an interview I did a few weeks back with Paul Gough from Zilla Cabs. He's the main guy, the brains behind it and one of the most exciting mad scientists in guitar gear right now (in my opinion). Full disclosure - I'm making a...
  8. steelyad

    Zilla Cab IRs for Two Notes Wall of Sound / Torpedo

    Thanks! I think we will be releasing a pack in the future, but we need to discuss it with Two Notes and get that all sorted. We'll also be making more cabs as we get them
  9. steelyad

    Zilla Cab IRs for Two Notes Wall of Sound / Torpedo

    Hi All I usually post videos about gear, and this one's no exception, but with a bit of something extra. I've made a tutorial for Two Notes' Wall of Sound 4 which just came out, and here it is. I'm using a recto cab in the tutorial, but what if you could get Zilla cabs in there? Well nowwwwww...
  10. steelyad

    Two Notes Wall Of Sound 4 Tutorial/Demo

    Howdy all. Today's video talks through how to use Wall of Sound, if you guys haven't used it already, and covers the new features in version 4 that just came out (including the reverb and Arcade mode, which makes things much simpler to use by sacrificing some control, if that's what you'd...
  11. steelyad

    Thermionik Amp VSTs - Holy S***!!!!!!

    Elric - that's "saturation" at the bottom right. I think the naming could be a little clearer but that controls power amp saturation (same as "volume" on a master volume amp) to make the power tubes saturate more. The "output" is more literal, so you can dime the power section and take the level...
  12. steelyad

    IRig vs Audient iD4 quick shootout with Bias FX

    Hey all. It's time for another video - this time showing how far we've come from recording with the original crappy iRig thing for iPad (that you plugged into the mic/headphone socket) - and the huge difference that using a proper interface can make. In this case i'm using an Audient iD4...
  13. steelyad

    DI Boxes - is one better than another? [VIDEO]

    Hi All! It's video time again. This one is a discussion I see all the time - does a good/bad DI box make a difference to the tone? I start off using 4 DI boxes (Groove Tubes DITTO, Behringer GI100, Generic blue PoS, Presonus BlueTube preamp thing) and do some back-to-back comparisons...
  14. steelyad

    Anyone else experiencing lots of noise with VST AMP Sims

    Amp sims are not noisy at all, it's a common misunderstanding. The interface/DI box you use must have some internal self-noise, which you wouldn't normally hear but when you use a high-gain amp sim that gets brought up to an audible level. This is where the difference between a cheap interface...
  15. steelyad

    Celestion Alnico Cream Review (sounds sweet on metal tones)

    Yep, IMO the best amp sims (at least the preamps) have got to the point where they're right up there with the real thing. It does help that I cheat a little and use a Groove Tubes DI box that reacts with the guitar perfectly like a real 12AX7 in the first part of a guitar amp (since it's the...
  16. steelyad

    Celestion Alnico Cream Review (sounds sweet on metal tones)

    Ok, here goes. Drums are Steven Slate CLA with maybe some SSD cymbals thrown in, split out into separate mics and mixed with VMR and VTM. Bass is 2 separate channels, one Thermionik SVT for a big meaty tone and one Thermionik Diezel with a huge HPF before the amp to make it really clean and...
  17. steelyad

    Celestion Alnico Cream Review (sounds sweet on metal tones)

    Hi All! Following from the review I did recently on the new Redback, I also managed to get hold of an Alnico Cream 90W speaker from Celestion as well. Yes they're expensive, but if you're a tone chaser, it's an absolute monster. It sounds a lot like a Vintage 30 (the V30 was designed based...
  18. steelyad

    Celestion Redback 150W Speaker review

    Indeed it was! The mic and cab stayed where they were and I just whipped the speaker out each time. It's an easy way to keep everything the same!
  19. steelyad

    Celestion Redback 150W Speaker review

    Hey guys! I've finally got my Celestion Redback review ready (after taking ages getting the filming/editing just right.) It's an absolute beast. And sounds really good as well - you can run a 5150 through it on its own and it stands up to the punishment! I can't remember if I posted...
  20. steelyad

    Switching to DAW from old Boss BR1200CD. Help me!

    Hi there! This is a big question, and one that you're likely to get a lot of different opinions on. Here's mine, based on my experiences. I've been producing professionally for a several years - i'm 30 and started when i was 15. I've used every DAW you can name, some good, some not so good. I...

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