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  1. hiltz171jim

    NGD: Daemoness Jotun "Mars"

    Alright. The day has come (well, yesterday was the day but who cares). I have been waiting 3.5 years to make this NGD post. Now that I'm doing it, it feels surreal. But, there she is, sitting next to me patiently waiting to be picked up and played. So it is very real. Important Specs: Body...
  2. hiltz171jim

    Sagan - The Pale Blue Dot. *It will change your life.

    So I have always been into Astronomy, cosmology, all of that (which is why my Jotun being built right now is an allusion to space) and I wanted to share this here. Why? Because I feel that this is extremely important to the ways that we should view the purpose of our lives, and the effects our...
  3. hiltz171jim

    DC800 Bareknuckle swap

    So after a month of waiting my Painkillers arrived in the mail and I got the swap done (my first pickup swap ever) within a day or two and got everything wired right my first try! :hbang: These painkillers do sound very awesome. I'm sure everybody already knows the characteristics of a BKP...
  4. hiltz171jim

    NGD Carvin DC800 (more pics added)

    Been lurking here for quite some time, but this is my first post ever sooo why not make it a NGD. Received this Tuesday, just now got a chance to take pictures. This guitar is gorgeous (the flame is insane!), feels amazing, and plays like a dream. (oh, and please try to ignore the...

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