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    Behringer XR12 mix to FOH

    Hey guys it's been a while, I wanted to ask for some general feedback from anyone who mixes there own sound and sends it to FOH. Right now I've mixed: Backing tracks including drums Guitars Bass vocals Using the behringer XR12(phenomenal piece of equipment) I'm using high pass...
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    Something Different

    Probably way out there for most of you but maybe you will enjoy this. Cool Guitar lick at the end. Superior Drummer 2 POD HD Waves Ibanez with Tone Zone and PAF Pro
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    My comic (Manga & American style blend)

    weve blended the time frame a bit to work with the story we wanted to tell. Comic description Japan, mid Edo period. A young swordswoman named Asami Nishimura is on a journey to avenge her family's honor. She is the daughter of Kenichi Nishimura, a most trusted bodyguard to the current...
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    Looking for Experienced Vocalist (Tech Death)

    Here is a sample of our work. Pre-Production. Work in Progress. Looking for someone who can keep up with fast tech death. Would love to collaborate and make something very cool. The process would involve you recording at home and sending me dry tracks. If we are on the same page you would...
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    Mesa Dual Rectifier (Ebay) $660

    The listing is about to end and I have it there for cheap. Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100 Watt Guitar Amp Guitar Amp Head 809404098114 | eBay message me on Ebay for questions
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    Tech Death from California

    New song check it out let us know what you think! Maybe give us a like if you have the will power. Like us at
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    Studio Monitor tryouts

    Hey guys I just recently tested a few monitors at my local guitar center and wanted to share my thoughts. Most of these are budget monitors. All monitors were tested to The Faceless - Hymn of sanity We switched through multiple monitors as the song played which was very cool and easy to hear...
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    Finally a New Song! POD HD, EMGs, Death, death...

    Listen here folks! Band page link so you can like us please! I would appreciate it! Now with out further delay. The SONG. An Unmanned Structure by ST3MOCON on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Dont...
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    Technological singularity Melodic Death Pod HD, SD2.0, Reaper, no impulses.

    Hey guys If you came to listen THANK YOU I spent a lot of time mixing this song because I have no monitors and had to render it about 100 times and take it to the car. just headphones :squint: VOCALS - Krios GUITARS - St3mocon BASS - St3mocon DRUM PROGRAMING - St3mocon, Krios Pod HD Bogner...
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    Kemper Profiling Amp - Triple Rectifier. Damn.

    Video wont embed heres the link Video speaks for itself.
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    NGD - Not Ibanez, schector, or ESP.

    Hey Sevenslingers, I bought a new guitar by chance on Friday. I saw a used Washburn at guitar center for $270.00. The guitar is almost flawless, except a small scratch on headstock. Everything works perfectly. It is obvious the guy sold this guitar because it needed a heavy truss rod...
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    New Song- Mass Effect style metal butal.

    New song I just did with my friend and fellow'er Krios. Composed by me All vocals by Krios I thought i would give reaper a try for the first time on this song. I really like reaper. I plan on using my new POD HD for my next song. Let me know what you guys think I would appreciate that...
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    AKG K240 Sextett $3.95

    So today my girlfriend dragged me to goodwill to look for some stuff. She loves to find a good deal! Anyways I stumbled upon a box of AKG headphones. I grabbed them and kept them close because it said AKG and was only $3.95. Turns out that these bad boys are desired headphones and are vintage...
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    Thee gods of "snack"

    Hey guys/gals "if there are any" I wanted to make a snack thread for the people who are up late at night and have nothing to eat. Maybe you just have nothing to eat. I wanted people to put up some of there favorite home made snacks even if its obscured and it just taste so good. Turn all those...
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    003 rack factory-Help

    Hey guys if been looking on the different sites trying to figure out if this is possible or not. Anyways i would like to use my 003 rack factory recording interface with programs other then protools only because i want to try out other programs because pro tools makes me mad sometimes. "mostly...
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    NGD Washburn USA WM-526

    Well its not really a New guitar day. I have had this guitar for some time now and i thought I should share it with my fellow forum members. This is an awesome guitar if you never got to play the USA custom shop WM-526 it truly is amazing. you just slide up and down the neck truly effortlessly...
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    Playstation network (MGS1 content)

    Well I really don't play my ps3 too much, mainly bought one for metal gear 4 when it came out and bluray. So recently I was looking for my old mgs1 game to play so I can take a stroll down memory lane and was having trouble finding the discs and a controller for my ps2 lol. Anyways I found the...
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    Do the advertisements here seem supper random to you?

    sometimes it seems supper random to me when there is all this discussion about brutal sevensrings and brutal metal and the site is gray and black. Then i see a big green advertisement in the middle that says BOOYAH! lol :hbang: P.S. I love this site <3
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    Djenty song with vocals (pod x3 live,DFH,washburn wm526)

    <object width="640" height="385"> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></object> Check it out guys let me know what you think. This is an original song...
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    Trying to contact Rondomusic

    I was wonderng if you guys know a better way to contact Rondomusic. Ive emailed them before to ask specifically about a guitar being in stock and how long the wait will be, and if i order the guitar how long can i expect for delivery . I never get an email back. I am going to order a guitar i...