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  1. Yimmj

    NGD Vader 7 (Opt 50 Neck)

    Thank you! The string tension on B standard is pretty tight with .10-52s. I swapped the strings for .11-56s and tune a whole step down, the tension feels great. and i do my right hand does sit a little further back, which is comfortable to me.
  2. Yimmj

    NGD Vader 7 (Opt 50 Neck)

    Its all depending on the neck woods that you select, i paid 400 for the custom 5 pc neck. If you're curious feel free to call or email Carvin to see what they will do for you
  3. Yimmj

    NGD Vader 7 (Opt 50 Neck)

    This is my magnificent Vader 7! Specs Walnut Body 5 pc Walnut/mahogany/flamed maple neck Med Jumbo Stainless Steel frets Birdseye Maple neck 27" scale neck Review: I placed my order March 3rd and received my guitar the 27th of June, totaling about 16 weeks. This was due to the fact...
  4. Yimmj

    Carvin Vader

    I ordered my V7 last week! V7 27" scale Clear Satin Finish Walnut body 5pc Custom Neck: Walnut/mahogany/flamed maple/mahogany/ walnut Birdseye maple neck/ no inlays Stainless Med Jumbo Frets I am unbelievably stoked on the custom 5pc neck they are doing for my vader. its going to...
  5. Yimmj

    One NGD to Rule them all: Black Water Guitars Custom 6-string DII

    i almost had a heart attack. stoked for you man that top is unreal
  6. Yimmj

    Luminlay, Black Winter, and Black Metal

    Wow dude :bowdown: that thing looks gorgeous.
  7. Yimmj

    NGD: Holy f* I actually bought one (Suhr Modern Satin)

    Oh my god :O thats amazing man. a (not suprisingly) beautiful suhr
  8. Yimmj

    NGD - KM7 w/ a few mods ;)

    Sick ngd. the white juggernauts look so good! enjoy that thing! :shred:
  9. Yimmj

    Show me matte black guitars

  10. Yimmj

    NGD: Carvin ST300T in "Purple Sunset Burst"

    Wow. man i cant get enough of carvins :wub:
  11. Yimmj

    RIP strictly7?

    These horrible nightmare luthier scenarios make me scared to order a custom from a lutheir
  12. Yimmj

    NGD, ESP Ltd. EC-1000 vintage black w/ EMG

    When i got my EC-1000 VB over 3 years ago it came set up very well. Lowered the action a little. incredibly solid guitar. the only thing i would recommend swapping out would be the EMGs! the LTD locking tuners are pretty good and the bridge is very solid as well. you made a good choice my friend
  13. Yimmj

    NGD: Schecter Blackjack ATX Avenger Aged White

    awww man that looks fantastic!! treat her well! hngd!
  14. Yimmj

    NGD ESP M2 Urban Camo

    Oh.. that urban camo is heavenly. good score! hngd
  15. Yimmj

    NGD: Carvin DC800 (I know....but just look!) (56k Koa Explosion)

    Oh.. My.... God.. words cant describe the awe im feeling.
  16. Yimmj

    Dual Scale (25.5"-34") Modified Les Paul Headless Build

    Wow ive never seen designs like this. i love innovation in guitars.. pave the way man!
  17. Yimmj

    NGD- Unique Jackson SL-1

    that reminds me of like a bunker in a paintball field. Blue and splattered with every color under the sun. looks tasty. HNGD!
  18. Yimmj

    NGD: Skervesen ChiRoptera

    Wow. stunning... truly. Take good care of it. and shred every day :shred: happy new guitar day
  19. Yimmj

    Alternatives to ATX C-7

    Did you conisder the KM-7??? its 1k$. stainless steel frets. no gaudy inlays. nazgul and sentient pickups. and its scale length is 26.5"
  20. Yimmj

    NGD: Exploring New Things...

    An explorer for your school's jazz band? i like your thinking.