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    Replacement locking nut for Ibanez K7

    Hey guy's hope you all are doing well. The locking nut on my Ibanez k7 model is a bit loose where screws are going in. Particularly, on the 6th and the 7th string the screw is loose and it won't hold on a grip on it. Instead, it's turning and not holding the strings tight. I want to replace it...
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    Ibanez K7 bridge replacement

    Hello good people of I have a question for you all and it's about my K7 Ibby 2004 model. See, I've bought it few years ago and till this day I still cannot fix the bridge issue. It has the worst intonation in i can't never tune it right. For example, the tuning on the the 12th...
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    Need your advice on this guitar! Vintage Stratocaster contetnt

    Hello guy's! I need your help on this guitar Muzika i instrumenti : Fender Stratocaster 1977 - ID 12748735 - Kupujem Prodajem I've seen old '77 stratocasters, but never in this color. I had seen it in yellow and olympic white that turned almost yellow, but never in this copper color! Is this a...
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    Tremolo Problems

    Hey good folks of the :) I've bought recently a K7 Ibanez all thanks to you guys here! My friend convinced me to get one asap and so far I love it! The guitar is killer! Awesome sound and playability! But there is a problem. When I got it it was in standard E tuning, making the 7th string...
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    Tremolo Problems

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    Korn Guitar Contest

    Hey all, recently there was a Guitar "competition" on the FaceBook page of the Korn. It said the 1 who snapshots the 10 million likes on the main page, will be drawn as a winner and claim his "special" guitar signed by the band with other materials such as CD's, bla, bla, bla. I've sent the...
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    Lace Sensor Pickups

    Hey guys, this is my first tread ever here, so I wanted to make it about these pickups. Since 2010 I've been aware of this site, though a friend who's obsessed with Korn, and everything about it. He's the reason I got into seven string guitars. So, couple of months back, I've bought a K7 in a...
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    Stereo pedal connection

    Hey guys, I've been here a while, but never had a chance to post something. I've been playing a mono line a long time now but now that I have a chance to play with a really good local band, I was wondering if someone can help me with a stereo chain on my pedal board. I've just purchased some...