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  1. Deadseen

    Tried a Trapezoid Neck Profile - Did not like it

    I tried a Rick Toone orchid bass this weekend. And I really didn't like the neck. For me it was just to deep (I play with my thumb around the neck). It felt hard to reach the higher notes on the 4th string. With a 6-string or more it with be really hard (impossible) to reach the lower strings...
  2. Deadseen

    What guitar pickups has the best string separation?

    I'm looking for a 7-string bridge pickup that has really good string separation. active., passive. custom, anything goes. I have one guitar with maple neck/mahogany body and one with maple neck/basswood body. And I'm considering changing pickups in both of them. I have a seymour duncan...
  3. Deadseen

    Why do I hate V30 so much?

    Almost all cabs on the market has V30's and I'm sick and tired of them. I disliked them when I was using 7-strings, but since I bought an omen 8 I hate them. It sounds like there is a blanket in front of the amp, and the sound never gets through clearly. Why is this, and what do you recommend...
  4. Deadseen

    Schecter omen 8 pickups

    I'm thinking about sending my pickup to lundgren to have it rewinded. But does anybody know if they are "molded in epoxy" or not ???
  5. Deadseen

    Next trend in music?

    I think we have had everything we can have with subdrops and breakdowns now. What do you think is the next trend in music in 2011 ???
  6. Deadseen

    Midi pickup

    I've been interested in trying a midi pickup on my 6-string guitar and I was wondering; can I just buy the pickup and plug it into a synth/rackunit/computer or do I need some sort of box/rackunit/converter in between the guitar and the synthmodule?
  7. Deadseen

    Is that an 8-string I see in the hands of Tony MacAlpine ?

    Tony MacAlpine,Stefania Daniel: Virgil Donati Mark Boals - Seven The Hardway super group! | Truth In Shredding "Seven the Hardway is a 5-piece progressive rock/metal band based in Southern California and formed in 2009 by guitar virtuoso Tony MacAlpine (Steve Vai, Planet X, CAB), drum master...
  8. Deadseen

    Does anybody have a manager???

    Does anybody have a manager?, Do you have any tips on getting one? Do you know off any good firm to join??
  9. Deadseen

    Odd problem with partioned disc

    A friend of mine called and said that one of his disk had gone dead. I decided to take a look at it and I discovered that it was a partitioned disk where the bigger partition had gone 'blank'. It's still reporting that the disk is full but you can't access any of the files. Is there anyway to...
  10. Deadseen

    I saw this on another forum

    Skilled Luthiers Needed
  11. Deadseen

    Best of 2009?

  12. Deadseen

    Best of 2009?

    So what has in your opinion been the best new product of 2009? Guitars, amps, bass, anything goes.