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  1. mrdm53

    Baritone 7’s - What’s your favorite scale length?

    For lead stuff, 25.5" is good scale for ease of bending. For rhythm, either 26.5 or 27 works great. Most of the time i play in B standard - drop A anyway
  2. mrdm53

    Random Pics of Your ERG's!

    Replacing the strings with Blacksmith Strings 9-80 set. It's very hard in here to search for a decent 8 string gauge.
  3. mrdm53

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2022

    Definitely! The only thing that i missed is a proper clean channel unfortunately. Bypassed clean tone isn't good enough to my ears. I've plan to add AMT F1 for clean channel. Those built-in preamp switching system in F1 is fantastic IMO.
  4. mrdm53

    Schecter KM-7 (Keith Merrow) Signature Thread

    Yeah i prefer simpler looks of MKII than MKIII, other than MKIII Hybrid.
  5. mrdm53

    Schecter KM-7 (Keith Merrow) Signature Thread

    Is there any major difference between Mk II and Mk III beside pickups and looks? Like neck shape or playability issue? I might end up with MkII if local dealer don't have any plan to add MkIII to their inventory next year
  6. mrdm53

    Help me find the best 7-string with a tremolo

    Jackson Loomis? Or you might looking for old Schecter Loomis. I love mine. This is the rare case when i actually don't want to mod any part in it. Except strings ofc
  7. mrdm53

    NGD: RG7620

    Refinish if you want to keep it forever. Otherwise please don't Vampire Kiss is just that rare
  8. mrdm53

    Now that BK's are $200 a pop what are people gravitating towards

    Fishman, but not Moderns. I love my KM8 set. Unfortunately they have to discontinue that series because Keith decide to not to be endorsed by them anymore for whatever purposes.
  9. mrdm53

    TC's attempt at an IR loader.

    This. I love how small the size this TC does, but after using Mooer Radar for a while, i think that i don't need that much Cab Sim in the first place. Lack of XLR output is also what makes me to sell my Radar last year. Sonicake can done it, why they can't?
  10. mrdm53

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Just curious. Why Ibanez is so obsessed with using Dimarzio Fusion Edge on almost all of their new guitars? I'd happened to try them once in local store (RGIXL7), and it was meh. The guitar itself is fantastic thought, only if it has better pickups at that price point. Even in J.custom they...
  11. mrdm53

    7-String Guitar Tunings

    B standard, Bb standard and drop A. Sometimes drop G# for certain songs. But never below that. I'm too lazy to re-setup the guitar everytime i change tuning.
  12. mrdm53

    New 7-String Jeff Loomis Jackson Signature

    Everyting is perfect, except the ugly headstock. Chris Broderick's 3+4 style will be perfect for this
  13. mrdm53

    Post Your GAS

    I've been GASing hard for this particular Schecter If only the fretboard is Maple, it will be great for me. Evertune 7, Lundgren M7 pickups, stainless steel fret ooff Anyone here have this one?
  14. mrdm53

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    Hipshot trem? That's the only one i think will looks good at any Solar guitars. Other than that is kinda out of place i think
  15. mrdm53

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    This with floyd rose is top tier GAS
  16. mrdm53

    New LTD Models: 2022 edition

    It's a shame Yamaha didn't do anything to hire him as an endorser to promote Revstar
  17. mrdm53

    New LTD Models: 2022 edition

    Looks like Yamaha Revstar with archtop to me
  18. mrdm53

    NGD - E-II Arrow 7

    Happy NGD! It's just missing blue butterfly inlays and you ready to go
  19. mrdm53

    Best 7 money can buy in your opinion?

    I'd be happy to get RGDR 4327, either with Edge or fix bridge. Keep it simple