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  1. oc616

    Finally Got the Drive To Write Again, Smash it For Me?

    After bunkering-up, trying to resolve whatever it was that kept bugging me with my tracks, I decided to put the 8 string down and pick up a 7 again in drop A. Being able to write (and finish) songs again has managed to give me some drive into bothering with music and enjoy it once more. As...
  2. oc616

    0 Person Bands - The Future Is Now

    Yeah it still sounds digital, but this is the closest I've heard to a realistic metal song using MIDI only.
  3. oc616

    Universal Basic Income - Future or nah?

    Couldn't see a thread relating to this, but it was brought up elsewhere in a ham-fisted way. I think its worth exploring the idea on a separate post. The current rapid development of AI and automation has made this an increasingly popular topic of discussion. Much of this revolves around what...
  4. oc616

    Thermonik VS TH3 Amp Sim Shootouts

    Got the comparison bug in my day off after trying out Helix Native, so I decided to go on a spree. I'm trying Thermonik's 14 day trial and I'm miles more impressed than Helix's offering for sound quality. Here's some examples. The first instance of each riff is Thermonik, the second is TH3...
  5. oc616

    Feedback Needed for EP Release Soon

    Just waiting on the artwork for our EP, but I wanted some thoughts on the overall mix/master on this sample. Its been good to finish a year long project and release music properly again. Off Topic: Running...
  6. oc616

    Right Hand Monitor Keeps Cutting Out

    Got an odd one here, I currently connect my monitors through a 2nd Gen Scarlett 2i2, but the right hand speaker cuts out frequently. If I leave sound playing through these constantly, its fine, but if I get up to do something else, browse the web or anything silent, the right monitor will not...
  7. oc616

    Chasing the "Chainsaw" Bass Sound

    I've got no idea how to go about this one. The bass tone I'm going for is something along these lines: Atm, i can't get even get close. I'm not sure if my SR305 is too "dark", I changed the strings this week and it can't get that buzzing sound, its too round or smooth. From what I can hear...
  8. oc616

    Pickups' Impact On Recording

    What differences do you notice from alternate pickups in your recordings? For reference, here's the guitars I have and their respective pickups/how I feel about their sound. Schecter Blackjack ATX C8 - Seymour Duncan Blackouts: I love how this guitar plays. It's one of the most...
  9. oc616

    Working Towards an EP, Need Feedback on 3 Areas

    I've found a writing niche where I'm producing multiple songs in a row that seem to, you know, FIT IN ONE STYLE FOR ONCE! Now that I'm starting to enjoy writing again, I'd like some feedback on this example. It sums up the overall style of this collection the best, and I'd like some criticism on...
  10. oc616

    Dumb Question About MIDI Pitchbends

    I'm going over an exam paper for our A Level students, and I've come across a hiccup regarding pitch bending one of the source sounds. The MIDI pitchbend articulation in Cubase 7 sounds like, at most, it goes up 2 tones. The question asks you to effectively replicate the original, which bends up...
  11. oc616

    Emmure - Torch (full cover, mix/mastering tips?)

    My voice is nowhere near Frankie's, but I wanted to give this track a go anyway. Signal chain: - Jackson COW 7 String / Ibanez SR305 - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - Studio One 3 - Overloud TH3 (Quad tracked, using Dual Recto and 5150 models)...
  12. oc616

    Something weird happened with my Axe FX...

    So my old Axe FX Ultra, sitting in a box gathering dust because I thought it was broken, now works... Over a year ago, the thing was working fine during a recording session, and then just cut out. None of the inputs on the front, rear, balanced or unbalanced produced any signal. The unit...
  13. oc616

    5150 or Dual Rec Mix Opinions?

    No full song today, just wanted an opinion on which amp fits the mix/style better. The 5150 required more work, but I'm torn between both vibes.
  14. oc616

    Team Rock Mags enter administration

    Not that I've bought a magazine in 6 years, but it's still a shame to see them go. Many fond memories and bands discovered on those free discs back in the day.
  15. oc616

    Critique on Finalised Track Needed

    Following the advice from my last "crit my stuff" post, I've finished recording/mixing/mastering ONE original song (this takes longer than it used to, damn IRL!) I've also come to realise where my "perceived loudness" was going wrong. Tracks previous to this were hitting -0.59 on the Master...
  16. oc616

    VST Inst Connoisseurs, Advice Needed

    I'm looking to expand on Studio One 3's pitiful synth library, and I'm having a surprisingly hard time finding any info on at least one of these following plugin categories... 1. Orchestral: Now I'm up to speed on notation, expressions and sheet music, I'd be happy to go for something that...
  17. oc616

    Another Month, Another "Crit My Mix Pls"

    I'm gonna compare this to the last mix I posted since they're effectively the same sample. I had another of my monthly "mix tantrums" and just started from scratch, and I'm reasonably happier with this. The kick is no longer obnoxiously clicky, the guitars sound a little more genuine, and the...
  18. oc616

    GetGood Drums in Studio One 3?

    Hi all, Has anyone managed to get these 2 bits of software to play nice together? I'm wanting to upgrade from SD2, but from the sounds of it there's only unofficial templates available (which got buggered during the last Studio One update). How's everyone finding the kit overall anyway?
  19. oc616

    Where I'm at mix wise, and where I need to go...(small Glass Cloud sample)

    Not aiming for accuracy to the specific song section used here (small sample, tuned to D etc), but I'm having another "mixing/mastering" purge again and need some outside perspective. I've fully transferred to using Overloud's TH3 plugin, cutting out the POD HD as an interface altogether, and...
  20. oc616


    (WHOOPS! Didn't see there was a multiscale Jackson thread already. Delete/remove please mods) Jackson getting in on the fanned fret game, thoughts? New Models for 2016 | Jackson® Guitars & Basses