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  1. TheBlackBard

    What were the prices of used Peavey Decades before Josh Homme (QOTSA) revealed it as his secret weapon?

    Because I'm looking here and there are prices anywhere from 385 to 1,400 USD.
  2. TheBlackBard

    PROCO Rat 2 Volume Drop/Sag at high distortion levels.

    Anyone know why this could be? Turning the distortion down seems to lessen it, but I like the higher distortion settings through a clean amp. It doesn't seem to do it when I use an overdrive before it, regardless of distortion level.
  3. TheBlackBard

    Do Warmoth baritone conversion necks work on Squiers?

    Title pretty well says it all. I'm thinking of getting a cheaper Tele like a Squier or something and adding a baritone conversion neck, but would that work? Are there any other adjustments to be made other than set-up?
  4. TheBlackBard

    Question about a custom pedal, possible legal issue regarding copyright.

    Hey everyone, so I'm getting a custom pedal made that involves an HM-2 clone and another circuit based off a famous early 90's metal amp. I won't say just yet who it is until I get some opinions, but I told them to put the words in blood red lettering "Dead By Dawn" on the front, and where the...
  5. TheBlackBard

    NGD: Epiphone Les Paul Classic

    I've actually held off on doing this NGD until I got the Seymour Duncan Custom Custom installed in the bridge. There's also a SD Phat Cat in the neck. I've spent a total of 400 dollars on this guitar, between the guitar itself and the pickup, and I have to say, it's been one of my favorite...
  6. TheBlackBard

    Has anyone experienced this drastic of a tonal choice change?

    So, I've been noticing that I've been opting for tone that for some reason I used to find boring, bland, and dare I say it, almost Dad rockish? When I first started, I thought that it was all the rage for scooped mids, all the gain, and drop as low as I and go. Fast forward to a few years ago...
  7. TheBlackBard

    Rockerverb Mark III 100 noise that I'm not sure what it is.

    So after about 15-20 minutes of playing I get this noise that seems to progressively get worse: Have already taken it to a tech, he said he didn't get the same noise. He suggested possible interference. I shut off EVERYTHING else in that room, wifi, router, everything. Still does it. This...
  8. TheBlackBard

    Satinizing an Epiphone Les Paul Neck

    How would I go about this? I vastly prefer the feel of a smoother neck instead of the sticky gloss stuff. I think steel wool or some sandpaper a few times back and forth, but then do I need to seal it or?
  9. TheBlackBard

    Looking for bridge pickup for Epiphone Les Paul Classic.

    So the pickup that I have now sounds way too trebley, even through my Rockerverb. I think it's the stock pickup. The neck has a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat which I adore, so that's staying. I'm looking for something round, not sharp, healthy low end, no shrill highs, and lower mids. Thinking...
  10. TheBlackBard

    Epiphone Les Paul Classic replacement pickguard/pickup spacing question.

    Hey everyone, so I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Classic and it's missing the pickguard. Where'd would be a good place to find a replacement? Do all Epiphone Les Paul pickguards fit their Les Pauls or do I have to find a specific one? Also, what's the best spacing for replacing the pickups? It's...
  11. TheBlackBard

    Been awhile since I had a tube amp, remind me if light hiss is normal.

    So I bought my Orange Rockerverb Mark III and love it so far. My only question is, will even the clean channel produce a small amount of audible hiss, especially through a 4x12? I've read that the V1 tubes they put in are a little bit noisy. I turn it up so that the clean is around TV level and...
  12. TheBlackBard

    NAD: My personal holy grail of tube amps. My search is over. Orange Rockerverb III.

    Figured I'd get the pics over with. I said that I would never go back to tubes unless it was for an Orange Rockerverb Mark III, well... I kept good on that promise. I played one of these a few years ago, it was a 50 watt combo with 2 V30's and I've wanted one ever since. This thing... it's...
  13. TheBlackBard

    Thinking of buying Orange Pedal Baby, but a question.

    I've read before that using a traditional distortion pedal with this won't give the same results as plugging in one into the clean channel of an amp, reasoning being that the PB is supposed to be just a clean power amp with headroom. Can this be confirmed either way? I have a few pedals that are...
  14. TheBlackBard

    Balaguer Guitars new model options! Offset V and Explorer!

    Hell yes! Been waiting all week for this reveal!
  15. TheBlackBard

    Double NPD! Master Effects Misanthrope (VH140C) and Klirrton Oh My Goat!

    Ordered these both a couple of weeks ago, and they both just arrived. The Master Effects Misanthrope is a pedal based on the preamp of the Ampeg VH140C/VH150 and this thing is absolutely terrifying through the clean section of a Quilter OD202 and a Mesa 4x12. It doesn't take long for it get...
  16. TheBlackBard

    NAD! Valvestate VS100

    Found this today, and traded an Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess Distortion for it. All in all, was priced at 200 dollars, so I scooped it up as quick as I could and I'm sooooo glad that I did. Boosting it with a Boss SD-1 and this thing is a tormented creature of hate through my Mesa cab and...
  17. TheBlackBard

    NCD!!! Mesa Content

    Well I was in the market today and found this at the music store. Guy did a straight trade for my 6505+. Main reason is, it's not that hard to get that sound if I ever want to get it again, but I think I'm well done with my Peavey phase. I'm looking for something a bit different, hence the...
  18. TheBlackBard

    Thinking of trying new speakers in cab, suggestions? Texas Heat, Wizard...

    So my Governor has got some black stuff that has dripped down the cone and I'm thinking that this is the cause of unwanted noise from the cab. Not only that, I'm wanting to try new speakers. Now if I'm correct, when speakers are wired in series, ohms are decided between the added value of the...
  19. TheBlackBard

    Speaker making crackling sound...

    So imagine my surprise, I get my amp back, and now one of the speakers is in the cab crackling. Ran tests with two different amps, it's doing it on both (one tube and the other solid state), so that eliminates the possibility of the amp being the cause. I've tried different guitars, different...
  20. TheBlackBard

    Anyone else went the preamp/poweramp route?

    So my 6505+ is in the shop right now and it's going to be awhile before it can be worked on due to the tech's backlog. Well, given that I now have a brand new Quilter Overdrive 202, with various pedals in the front (the thing is a fantastic pedal platform with really good cleans), it's made me...