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    Problem with locking nut

    I have a RG1820X with the double edge pro. Recently I'm experiencing some tuning stability problems and have noticed that even when the nut is locked turning the tuning pegs still lowers/rises pitch. Is it time to replace the locking nut?
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    New Ibanez RGR Models Not Sure if they are a shimamura only models.
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    Mystery custom ibanez

    Someone posted this unidentified 1994 ibanez custom for sale. Anyone recgnises this model?
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    Ibanez RG??

    Anyone recognizes this RG model:? Ibanez Prestige RG | eBay
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    Ibanez RG price

    Hey everyone, Is 700$ a good price for an ibanez rg2570? and 580$ for rg1570? Thanks, Michael.
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    Pickup change

    Hey everyone! I'm changing the single coils in the neck and bridge position on my strat to dimarzio/IBZ pickups that i'm getting from a friend. Do you reccomend changing the volume and tone potentiometers to 500K? or maybe just the volume?