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  1. Zeppelinskies

    Gibson now allowing shares in guitars?

    Anyone seen this? Gibson redefines guitars as investments with new Rally partnership | Guitar World I cannot see why anyone would 'invest' in an instrument which they'll never touch or play, which will most likely never be sold, and has a time limit on its value (particularly the Jones one)
  2. Zeppelinskies

    How to repair super fine finish scratches

    Hi guys, I imagine this is extremely minor for guys with your skills - I picked up a KH the other day for a ridiculously low price, but the previous owner has scratched the top all to hell - but all super fine poly only pick style scratches, giving areas of the top almost a satin look Could...
  3. Zeppelinskies

    Advice Needed for recording

    So I work offshore a lot and Ive been using a wee travel amp (Blackstar fly 3) and a multi fx with my steinberger to keep my hand in, but more and more Ive been thinking about using my macbook pro instead to save weight. Garageband is pretty cool, but I really want a program which has a lot of...
  4. Zeppelinskies

    Double NGD - The old and the new (ish)

    So I was looking through google search results for 'pre-owned ibanez uk' the other day when I came across this pair of beauties in Portsmouth - quick phone call and they were on their way! The RG655 is stock in every way and not greatly different from my old 2000 RG, but the RG570 is a bit...
  5. Zeppelinskies

    Good Deal? Advice Needed

    So I got a Blackmachine B6 from Feline in December with (ASL BLackbird pickups and the Hannes bridge) and its a truly excellent guitar, however I'm in touch with a guy who has a blue flame maple Jackson SL1 (Perfect condition) and an ESP EII HRF 7 string (Perfect condition) and he is willing to...
  6. Zeppelinskies

    Good Deal? Advice Needed

  7. Zeppelinskies

    Caveat Emptor

    I was wondering if anyone on here could offer some advice. I recently had a bit of bad luck off eBay; I purchased a Mark Morton Dominion for £300 which in the UK is an excellent price. Unfortunately sometimes you get what you pay for and when it arrived it has a really bad crack through the...
  8. Zeppelinskies

    Caveat Emptor

  9. Zeppelinskies

    Help selecting amps

    Hi, I've just sold my Mesa Roadster as I dont gig any more and was wanting something smaller for home use (Probably no bigger than 30w). I play most styles, so I've been considering getting a two rock exo 15 and a Mesa Mini Rec 25 to try and cover all the bases. I've noticed that a lot of...