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  1. ShadowFactoryX

    Serocs - (Seven string bass) Tech death

    That drumming was so monotonous until the end, where it was a little creative with that blast.
  2. ShadowFactoryX

    FRFR Alto Alternative

    Where is your credit, and how much do you have? Its a bummer they dont carry Alto, as mine have served me very well.
  3. ShadowFactoryX

    Gone and done it! Blackwater Custom content

    glad things worked out for you man, looks stellar
  4. ShadowFactoryX

    The real life barbie documentary

    link sir?
  5. ShadowFactoryX

    Rare Historical Photos (Pic Heavy)

    this is one of the best threads ever posted on here
  6. ShadowFactoryX

    Line 6 POD HD Thread

    I guess Ill open a support ticket to L6 and see what they say.
  7. ShadowFactoryX

    The real life barbie documentary

    in that vid doc from the OP, at 3:55 she actually looks normal, and very attractive, then she puts on all that crap and looks retarded again plus her "ideals" or whatever you want to call them are wacked out too
  8. ShadowFactoryX

    Line 6 POD HD Thread

    I just got a nice new digital soldering station...but i still dont feel ok with doing that. Seems too risky of a job to do. But I did see this: That looks like the perfect mod, but I do find it wierd that both of those switches went at the same time.
  9. ShadowFactoryX

    The Red Shore Appreciation Thread

    yeah its cookie cutter deathcore rubbish but i do have a guilty pleasure with unconsecrated, and the avarice of man was really intense but at the same time very singular and kinda boring.
  10. ShadowFactoryX

    New Volumes Single (pre pro)

    the only thing i dont like about it is the repeated clean verses "whyd you have to go? whyd you have to go?" its too cheesy pop-like, but those background parts "We've been saying" are awesome and fit int really well
  11. ShadowFactoryX

    NAD heavily modded randall goodness.

    that definitely is a sweet amp, love blue led backlighting on any amp too i should do that with my vmax
  12. ShadowFactoryX

    Line 6 POD HD Thread

    Hey everyone, its been a while, since I've been active here, but anyway... I have an orginal HD500 the FS2 and FS6 buttons on my HD arent working anymore, I can program effects to them, but cannot switch them. I use my HD500 as a midi switch for my V3 and also in 4 cable. Its kind of a necessary...
  13. ShadowFactoryX

    Anyone here works for PETA?

    Holy crap, that was in Johnstown? How did i miss that???
  14. ShadowFactoryX

    Anyone here works for PETA?

    This is outstanding, rep for posting
  15. ShadowFactoryX

    New Fear Factory tour and poster

    Honestly the drums for The Industrialist were programmed so well I thought they were recorded. But those samples do help FF retain is identifying sound. I have no problem with it at all.
  16. ShadowFactoryX

    The "Guilty Pleasures" thread

    its easy mate! Here's a youtube link that you get when you click share, you take that part that is in bold italics and underlined (for distinction purposes) and wrap this around it take the spaces out though, i had to put those in so it would show up, but that turns into this, bam! ohh...did...
  17. ShadowFactoryX

    The "Guilty Pleasures" thread

    I used to be hardcore into these guys, i hate the verses to this song, but this chorus is amazing.
  18. ShadowFactoryX

    Ex Mnemic vocalist joins Danish band, Scamp...

    wooooooooooooooooooooooot MSP was mnemics best album, he's a great vocalist, cant wait to hear this!
  19. ShadowFactoryX

    The USPS sucks

    This is no joke, I've had two small packages of moderately minor value get rerouted to that facility and they disappeared. Fortunately the company involved with my purchased helped me out with the problem greatly. But OP, dont take it out on the whole USPS. I think a lot of people take for...