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  1. codycarter

    Sonny Moore - Skrillex

    I remember when this ep first came out, I actually jammed to it a lot. Talented singer. Too bad he dropped the mic for a macbook Skrillex (Sonny Moore) - Mora (Official Music Video) - YouTube
  2. codycarter

    Found a guitar, had fun

    Recently moved and holy shit, I found a Fender Squire acoustic in the garage! We I got bored and did a refinish
  3. codycarter

    Want to know what made my day?

    Back in May 2013 I decided I wanted to join the military, so I quit my band and started casually working out. My girlfriend of over 2 years seemed really supportive at first, but then around August everything went down hill and she left me, days before I had planned on proposing to her. After...
  4. codycarter

    Bands that use 8 strings that at not metal

    Lately I have been going through a mellow phase in music, lots of The Xx and Alt-J. This has also been making me play on my 8 string all mellow and calm which is pretty cool. I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask, are there any non metal or jazz bands that use 8 strings?
  5. codycarter

    Schecter SLS C-8EX vs Ibanez rga8

    I know this is a bit of a Pepsi vs Coke question but I had to. I cancelled my order on the Jackson I bought dies to shipping complications and when it would actually be delivered (2 days after my leave date) Well I am now looking at both of these axes. I like the baritone scale of both, that...
  6. codycarter

    Monitors and headphones

    I've come to realize I have no clue what to look for in monitors or headphones. And now since I want to play direct from a pod hd, I think its time I learn or at least find some suggestions for some semi professional grade headphones or monitors
  7. codycarter

    Not sure what i'm really asking but..

    I just ordered a new 8 string, a Jackson SLATXMG3-8 and am probably about to order a Jackson SLATXMG3-7 for trem wankery but that's half way irrelevant. As much as I love 85/707/808's I don't like the range of tones I get out of them. Don't get me wrong, I get some great chugs and airy prof...
  8. codycarter

    Looking for a 5 string work horse

    I've been selling all my gear lately getting ready to go to basic and ultimately move into the army barracks I'm Ft. Benning Georgia, and honestly I don't feel like bringing 5 guitars and 3 basses so I'm trying to simplify my rig down to 1 guitar and 1 bass and a tiny little pod hd bean...
  9. codycarter

    Jackson warrior 7 string

    This still don't exist, do they? I mean this guy at my local guitar center seems to believe they do, but I've googled some many times and have came up empty handed each time. I found a thread on here that's a few years old asking the same thing, but I'm hoping for someone to have something for...
  10. codycarter

    Who is military on here?

    Just curious as to who is, is going, or will be going military on here? My leave date is 14 January 2014, I'm going to Ft Benning, Georgia. 11bravo :D
  11. codycarter

    When did Nickleback start using 7 strings??

    Not to bash them, but they kind of really suck. What could they possibly need a low b/high a for? Chad Kroeger | Electric Guitar Pickups & Accessories - EMG Pickups
  12. codycarter

    7 string neck thou with a trem help

    Well I'm tired of googling, so I though I might ask you guys.. What are some 7 string guitars with a neck thru and a trem I mean I would prefer a Floyd, but then again I don't care. Same with pickups, I'll just swap them out for 707's. I say one on the rondo website but I hate that it has...
  13. codycarter

    Epiphone Wildkat vs Fender Jazzmaster vs Epiphone Wilshire

    I'm looking for a new guitar for a possible musical endeavour I may partake in. Now what I'm looking for in a guitar is gritty rhythm smoothness on the high notes, and an over all tone that will mix well in a jazz, indie rock (think arctic monkeys), and country setting I've played a few...
  14. codycarter

    I have the Fender Blues

    No really, I have the blues.. I was jamming out on some Rickenbackers and Epiphones on what I thought might be a cheesy Fender amp, but ended up stealing my heart! It was a Fender Blues Deluxe. Now I can't afford a $700 amp right now sooo are there any copies out there, or decent alternatives...
  15. codycarter

    Should I go on?

    For a sport while I was in a band again, till our vocalist moved to Australia. Now the band has just stopped existing, oh well. Welp in December I leave for basic, I'm going into the US Active Duty Army. With that being said I full and well plan on going 100% bedroom musician after I get...
  16. codycarter

    Misa Digital vs Starr Labs

    i dont even know where to post this.. does anyone have any actual experience with either of these companys? i mean $900/400 vs $1800/5000 seems a little steep :ugh:
  17. codycarter

    Suggest me a daw (win8rt content)

    So I'm getting a Microsoft Surface, rt or pro, haven't decided yet. Well I know the rt doesn't take 3rd party applications, but then I don't know what is available in the Microsoft store. Now I'm used to FL studio 3-10 but I can adapt to what ever is available. This is going to be a...
  18. codycarter

    Glow in the dark stain?

    I've had this idea for a while now, but I have my doubts. The idea is to have a swamp ash top, then add a glow in the dark stain, then sand back Think
  19. codycarter

    Madison back in business

    I saw the new site hasn't had more than 900 visits, so I'm guessing they haven't had much business
  20. codycarter

    Hi-gain amp options

    Obviously most anything will be better than my pod2.0 :lol: I'm looking for something with a lot of treble, mids, and gain. Low end response is always nice, but won't make or break it for me. I also like the option of being tight as a nuns ass, but when I do bring up my bass I like to have a...