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  1. fogcutter

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I'm gonna go start up a new character build. It's amazing how this game remains fun and rewarding on multiple play-throughs.
  2. fogcutter

    Build 3

    WOW. Amazing work, man!
  3. fogcutter

    NGD! Into the pink (or should I say PINK!) Forest (ESP Edwards)

    HNGD!! Another +1 on that HAWT pink. I've played a few Forest GTs in my life that were otherworldly. At first I wasn't convinced by the aesthetic but it has really grown on me and the good ones are just really, really nice guitars. And the Lemon Drop confirms for me that if I ever do buy...
  4. fogcutter

    NGD: PRS Perfection!

    HNGD! From the sounds of it, you shouldn't worry about mods for a while ... enjoy playing it!
  5. fogcutter

    For the 4 Stryper fans here: New Washburn Michael Sweet Sig

    I have to agree! IMO one of the best things about the Mark Morton Dominion sig was that players who don't like LoG or Mark could still love that unique guitar. I'm not into Stryper's music but I would totally play one of those guitars. Lightweight Floyd Firebird? I'm in.
  6. fogcutter

    The Dear Hunter-Act IV

    Totally agree. Regardless, myself and my wife (who is a total non-musician) have been loving their stuff for years now. :hbang:
  7. fogcutter

    Dual NGD - Strandberg/Fender Content

    That looks like a really awesome combo! I've still never played a Strandberg but from the demos I've heard, they seem to have really good "punchy" and articulate tones. For the type of music you describe, I bet you can dial in some perfect tones! Happy NGD!
  8. fogcutter

    Misha Mansoor Style Wiring - Super 5-way Switch, Split Inner & Outer Coils. Help!!!

    I tried to do something like this a few months ago but failed and had a pro do it for me. (I know, cool story, right?)
  9. fogcutter

    Advice on Dimarzios for RG550

    I just put in a set of the new PAF Masters and I could not be happier with the decision. Very clear, versatile, pickups. They have plenty of rage for high gain sounds but not too much, so they clean up well and retain good clarity and dynamics in crunch tones. You might like them!
  10. fogcutter

    Greg Howe rocking his new Carvin

    Great video - and he says some of the most intelligent things about tone I've heard in a long time!
  11. fogcutter

    The Top 15 Shred Song

    Tio Pablo/Racer X: Technical Difficulties Steve Vai: For the Love of God Malmsteen: Black Star Jason Becker: Eleven Blue Egyptians ... and ... my all-time fave, the hottest solo ever recorded ... a car chase caught on tape: Satriani: Crushing Day.
  12. fogcutter

    1 pickup guitars

    The only one which has caught my eye recently is the single bridge pup Chapman model, I forget the name. I think it might come with a Floyd though, which might not suit your project due to the routing. If you just aren't a trem guy, you can just block it off or use a Tremol-no.
  13. fogcutter

    Stainless fret equipped guitars in the $1k range.....

    Just a thought - it's an awful lot easier to mod a KM-6 to add a tone control, than it would be to install SS frets on another guitar. Plus, IMO the KMs are really cool, well-thought-out guitars at very good price points. Otherwise, the only one I've bought which had SS frets below $1k was a...
  14. fogcutter

    Anyone use a ProCo Rat as a boost?

    Totally, yes. I always thought they were underrated as a all around boost/distortion pedal.
  15. fogcutter

    Best Amps for 90's Thrash

    I'm so glad we're talking about Bolt Thower. I had a boring day at work and nothing cool happened all day. And now, here we are, Bolt Thrower comes up in a forum conversation, and I feel like the day is more awesome already. Bolt Thrower. :bowdown:
  16. fogcutter

    How do you look good on stage?

    Sorry - I've gotta vote for Eric Johnson.
  17. fogcutter

    Best Amps for 90's Thrash

    I don't know, there must be a punchline here ... As to the circuit itself, I understand they are based on similar core concepts except the Mark III has more refinement & ingenuity in the switching, EQ, and rectifier sections. The Marshall has a 4-band EQ that honestly doesn't do very much...
  18. fogcutter

    Best Amps for 90's Thrash

    I know these aren't popular, but my main Marshall for years was a 50w JCM900 with 5881/6L6s in the power section. I loved it, and I always thought it was a good one bridging the gap between more classic-type Marshall circuits and the Boogie/5150 era. The true tube snobs always hated these...
  19. fogcutter

    ADA MP-1 Preamp Pedal

    I'm friggin' totes on board with this whole thing. I'm gonna go troll the 'Bay for an old original one. It's kinda funny how when the real "vintage craze" happened I didn't care at all because I liked pointy guitars and high gain stuff, and now I'm old and nostalgic for all this rad old gear...
  20. fogcutter

    Manton Customs Build: 8 String True Temperament Matriarch Guitar

    this build is awesome! What an interesting concept. I bet the mahogany/spruce with the chambers will be a really interesting sound and feel.