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  1. trickae

    Solar 29” scale baritone!

    It's about time we have more 29" options. If only it was a fanned fret 8 string at the scale length.
  2. trickae

    Neural DSP Presets Megathread

    For neuralDSP users, I thought we should have a thread to share our presets with the wider community. Their Unity forums have a number of these presets, though I'd be keen to see some from our community. Guitar Amps: Tone King...
  3. trickae

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    How do the Elysian's sound? Did it feet smoothly in the pickup cavities? I have a V1.7 and E2.7. I'm hoping the duncan solars can be swapped out easily for the nazgul/sentients. I'm thinking of 500k pots and a black tusq nut. Maybe try a paint job like the Aleix Laiho Hexed signature.
  4. trickae

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    Great seeing these Solar Guitar mods. What other mods have you guys tried out? At this stage I'm looking at simple changes like swapping out the Duncan Solars for Nazgul/Sentients and Juggernaughts.
  5. trickae

    Abasi Concepts/Larada Megathread

    Can you share the fretboard width of the Abasi and aristrides with the narrower string spacing? I find the strandberg Boden 8 to be much wider than a kiesel Vader VM8, with a fretboard width of 56mm compared to 51mm respectively.
  6. trickae

    Anyone got 8 string presets for Archetype: Gojira?

    There's a great presets thread on neural forum
  7. trickae

    Neural DSP has a 50% off sale right now 😊 (4/8/22-4/18/22)

    Is this the 20% discount they email us after our first purchase?
  8. trickae

    [NGD] Padalka Pluto 8 SC

    As an Electrical Engineer, that is some sexy wiring and soldering work!
  9. trickae

    WTB [AU][Sydney] WTB Ibanez M80M or 29-30" Multiscale 8 String

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Ibanez M80M Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): either soft or hardshell case Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Sydney, Australia International OK?: No Contact Info (No Phone #s): Please DM me References (eBay or other forum userid): Same user ID used on...
  10. trickae

    What are decent headless fanned fret guitars for 2021?

    Thought I'd give everyone an update. So I ended up getting a handful of the guitars I was keen to buy. Strandberg Boden 8: Strandberg lives up to the hype and plays incredibly well. The enduraneck is quite comfortable and didn't take much time to get used to. It's a bit thicker than I like at...
  11. trickae

    Which seymour duncan set goes well with a second guitar with Nazgul/Sentient

    This is exactly it, it would be great to compliment the Nazgul/Sentient combo with something with more clarity. I'll check out the Duncan Custom. Custom 5 and Pegasus. Never heard of the Black Heaven's, I'm keen to check out some sound clips of that actuall. Hells yeah, that sounds amazing...
  12. trickae

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    I have two solars a V1.7 and an E2.7. Honestly, I haven't had any QC issues and both play really well. I did have problems in the past where the setup and tunning stability was an issue. Redid the setup multiple times and now it plays like a dream.
  13. trickae

    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  14. trickae

    What's the best way to stain birdseye maple fretboards?

    This is a relief, looks like I won't need to tape down the frets. I'll keep the tap for the back and sides of the neck. I was considering a darker cholately or a red Jarra (Australian wood)
  15. trickae

    Best Bare Knuckles Pickups for chugging High Gain (Prog Rock/Prog Metal)?

    I resonate with what everyone else mentioned above. Every artist you've mentioned either play EMG's, Dimarzio's or Seymour Duncans. All 3 brands are great and will definitely chug. If you want a more modern sound that differs from the previous 3, then yes, BKP's would be a great change of...
  16. trickae

    Now that BK's are $200 a pop what are people gravitating towards

    How have the guitarmory atlas' held up over the years? Do they compare to say Lundgrens, BKP's and Seymour Duncans?
  17. trickae

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    That's awesome. I'll need to check it out.
  18. trickae

    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    I'm looking to tune my Srandberg Boden 8 down a step (EADGCFAD) and prefer the feel of 10 gauge strings. What gauges should I consider for my 7th and 8th string? Here's the official string tension from the strandberg website: 8-STRING: D'ADDARIO NYXL OPTIMIZED FOR .STRANDBERG* 9 - 84...
  19. trickae

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Nice! How does the Arrow play? How does it compare to other V's and were you happy with your purchase? Yeah the Padalka's a work of art and I'd be afraid to play it, but most probably will. I reached out to them and have put forward my order, it'll be 2 years until Simon gets to me thought.
  20. trickae

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    I went overboard this year and I'll need to save. At most I'll be getting some NeuralDSP plugins like Archetype Gojira, Nolly, Plini and Tim Henson. Haven't decided on my next guitar but I'm considering the following 1) Alexi Laiho LTD Hexed 2) Ibanez Pia in black and gold 3) Dingwall NG3 6...