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    Modes & Tonal Center

    But that's the problem- just playing the patterns won't give you Dorian. Since it's the same collection of pitches, many people will fall into A minor or C Major without even realizing it. As my antique textbook for singers of Gregorian chant says, it's about the feeling (mood) and the "key"...
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    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    As long as it is not a band member! That's a bonehead move I made recently, now, where's my f-n band?
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    Who's using a Boss Katana?

    I have the Boss Katana Mini, cute as a bug and sounds great! Very "Brown sound", welcome to the heavy 70's, luv it. And great response, as mentioned earlier. Got two cute little Nux overdrives (Brown and Tubeman) going into it, still got to get a "summoning demons" kind of distortion pedal with...
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    M3 & JI - How much “color”?

    Strictly speaking, my guitar is not exactly to the JI tuning it should be, and would require partial, or wavy, frets. The small chain of pure fifths at the center of the tuning (basically, the black keys on a standard piano) extends one pure fifth beyond what it "should", but this does not make...
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    M3 & JI - How much “color”?

    I would suggest doing what I did, before investing in a custom fixed-fret neck. Get a Turkish Saz. A baglama saz, which is about guitar sized, is the best for this, though I used a cura saz, the little one. They are dirt cheap and sound great. I got mine in Instanbul for 70 bucks, my Turkish...
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    M3 & JI - How much “color”?

    You are in luck if "pure major thirds at 5:4 everywhere you go" is what you are after. Western music, for several centuries, was based exactly on this ideal, and the tuning they came up with is called "1/4 Comma Meantone". In !/4 comma meantone, the pure fifth is flattened down by one fourth of...
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    Boss Katana Mini!

    Yes, I believe you are correct! anyway it is loud enough in my wee little practice space, for practicing (and pracrticing singing at the same time, without a microphone and amplification, which is the correct way to practice singing, in my opinion).
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    Microtonal music for beginners

    Just Intonation intervals have "that sound", of calmly melting together and being all calm and pure and ancient sounding. For a Just 5:4 M3, you can start with a standard 12-tET M3 and lower the upper tone a tiny bit at a time; you will hear when it happens, you really can't miss it. The more...
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    Trusted builder to make “highly” custom fender replacement neck

    28 and 5/8ths! yeah that's a pretty serious scale, just the idea of it sounds awesome and heavy!
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    Boss Katana Mini!

    Well, I got a Boss Katana Mini for 107 euros (with the cash discount, local store). It looks like a toy and is so tiny and cute that you want to snuggle it and play "this little piggy" with its toes! It has two 4 inch speakers so technically it is a combo (more than loud enough for my small...
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    Maybe dumb pickup placement question

    Well, I measured the physical length (width when in the guitar) of the bridge pickup and it is indeed a few mm more than the neck pickup, so I will have to chisel out the neck position mortise a little wider in order to drop a bridge-sized pickup into the guitar. Don't have a router,and always...
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    Maybe dumb pickup placement question

    The pickup I am looking at, DiMarzio Super Distortion Humbucker in single-coil format, has blades, not poles, so I dont' think there will be a problem there. As far as output, I am assuming I will need a new potentiometer anyway.
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    Maybe dumb pickup placement question

    I need to replace a pickup on my Strat copy guitar with a single-coil sized humbucker (probably DiMarzio Super Distortion humbucker). The pickup is sold as "bridge position" but I never use bridge position pickups and intend to put it in the neck position. The pickups on my Strat copy sure look...
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    Songs in drop G?

    Gotta check that out, thanks. My guitar is tuned Db Ab Db Gb Cb Fb, so, from Db up a perfect fifth then up pure fourths the rest of the way. So the whole shebang is dropped about a minor third from standard tunging and yes it Djents, though I will need a more virile combo and pickups to really...
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    Songs in drop G?

    So, one-finger barres for power chords (also known since the middle ages as trina harmoniae perfectio ") on the lowest three strings, awesome!
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    Songs in drop G?

    Is "drop G" like, the lowest string dropped a m7 below the A string and standard Spanish tuning the rest of the way up, or does it entail dropping everything else by some amount as well?
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    What instrument/tools do you write with?

    In my head, and often notate rhythms, melodies once in a while, or at least the general shape of the melody in the rhythmic notation, with a little remark about the scale it is in, on the side, on pieces of scrap paper I carry around. Preferably while walking in the park, but often enough in a...
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    School me on... tuning temperaments...

    These are all excellent responses! I've been using only a 17-tone to the octave Just Intonation tuning system for many years now and studying microtonal music for even longer. I think one of the most important things is to be concerned about your own personal expressive and musical needs, and...