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  1. maggotspawn

    NAD, Incoming

    Hey Mike. It's still incoming.
  2. maggotspawn

    NAD, Incoming

    DSL100HR. It was listed as a 100H. Anybody have one of these, how do you like it? I have a 100H and really dig it.
  3. maggotspawn

    Suggestions for multi-effects processor

    Boss MS-3 is another good one.
  4. maggotspawn

    Sleeper Speakers

    Eminence Delta 12A Eminence Lady Luck
  5. maggotspawn

    Which Multi-effects pedal to buy??

    Boss MS-3. Grab a Moog expression pedal for it. The Boss is like a Swiss Army Knife, capable of a lot.
  6. maggotspawn

    New Amp Day

  7. maggotspawn

    New Amp Day

    Thanks. I'll try that.
  8. maggotspawn

    New Amp Day

    Thanks guys.
  9. maggotspawn

    Incoming Amp Day: Italian...

    Looks rad. Congrats. I'd love to hear some clips.
  10. maggotspawn

    Wangs 1987HW (Affordable Handwired 50w Plexi...) I was interested in these Chinese amps. The linked website has some good deals. You have to email them for prices. It was like $850 for a handwired Plexi.
  11. maggotspawn

    New Amp Day

    Thanks. It's a killer little amp.
  12. maggotspawn

    New Amp Day

    Thanks guys.
  13. maggotspawn

    New Amp Day

    Snagged this from GC. Pic is off the Net, Imgur hassle. Randall RD45H. Loud little amp. Sounds good. Stoked.
  14. maggotspawn

    Best tight distortion pedal for a clean/edge of break-up amp.

    Caline Englishman. Sounds killer into my Marshall Origin.
  15. maggotspawn

    Help me decide on my first ever tube amp

    I'd go for the Origin 50 watt head. Sounds killer at lower volumes, and it can get loud AF at the full 50 watts. Needs a pedal for the brootalz though.
  16. maggotspawn

    Peavey 3120?

    Buy it now. That will go quickly.
  17. maggotspawn

    NAD, Incoming Marshall

    Thanks. You have a happy New Year as well.
  18. maggotspawn

    NAD, Incoming Marshall

    Not sure. I assume there's a diode in there though.
  19. maggotspawn

    NAD, Incoming Marshall

    The H model is supposed to be as good or better then the 2000. I hear some people don't like the HR, but some people love them. I was looking for a 50 watt 2000, but this came up so I snagged it.