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  1. yan12

    Non-locking floating trem for 7 string - does it work?

    I agree, the Gotoh is better and I have had exactly 5 of them on different guitars. I come from the old school view that if you want complete wankery ability, 9's or 10's on a six is the cure. Once you add that extra string or two, you need more springs and that kills the buttery, rubber band...
  2. yan12

    Non-locking floating trem for 7 string - does it work?

    You ask "does it work". It works okay, but you need to know the limits. If you want floating trem antics at your disposal, then I say NO. I had one of the first Hipshot contour-7's made, and it was a great trem. But Steve Vai tricks are out of the question. I have come to the conclusion for...
  3. yan12

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    The form on the website has been BS for years. Before covid, it was just a feeler type form anyhow. Since then the website gets no play. Masterworks are going strong, running 16-18 months. Shigeki is really busy but contact a dealer and they will send you the real form for a real quote. I use...
  4. yan12

    Pickup recommendations for my LP Custom

    Schecter Route 57's...amazing pickpus in a LP.
  5. yan12

    Strat with SS frets, rosewood board, flat radius

    The new Fenders are great IMHO. But if you want a flatter radius like a 14-16" and want SS frets, you should look at some Schecter guitars. Very good for the money.
  6. yan12

    can scales be subjective?

    This could be a long discussion, but I will submit this. Modern electric guitar playing breaks any rule you can think of. You can do things on electric guitar, especially with distortion, that are hard to write on a piece of paper. Music theory is just that, a theory and not an absolute. It...
  7. yan12

    Would you choose a 22 fret guitar as your main 7?

    I would not influence me at all. In general, I have owned 7 string guitars with 24 frets. But as I have become a better player it matters not to me. If had music to play that required lots of very high notes in the piece, perhaps I would opt for 24 frets. But to hit a high note or big bend...
  8. yan12

    New Schecter Models Megathread it's more about getting a tighter sound for the longer scale. Not about the pole pieces lining up a certain way. I slant my neck pickups that way when I can...I posted this before, but I like the lower strings having a bit more bite to them this way.
  9. yan12

    Assessing guitar craftsmanship

    The one thing you can't gauge is playability. How many times does a guitar look jacked up only to play surprisingly well? I agree with the concept of paying up $$ means quality of a certain level, but all visuals only tell part of the story. I think buying online is risky but we all do it and...
  10. yan12

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Help me understand this alignment thing...I don't play fanned frets. To me the Schecter looks good, especially compared to what we had in the 80's, with humbuckers having parallel coils, we slanted the pickups all over and different ways. String alignment suffered with pole pieces but hard to...
  11. yan12

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    I am very well versed with Schecter USA pickups and have tried just about all. Concerning heavy music specifically, here are my 2 cents and I currently have all of these pickups. San Andreas is very hot and lots of overtones. It sits between a Brimstone and Apocalypse in either alder or...
  12. yan12

    Now that BK's are $200 a pop what are people gravitating towards

    I will chime in and say this. I am a Schecter player these days, but I still have guitars by ESP, Jackson, Ibanez, Gibson. I think for the money, Schecter USA pickups are very underrated. You can find used ones on Reverb regularly and they are a steal at $75 price range. My two favorites for...
  13. yan12

    ESP, the company that will do anything you want, except...

    No, Schecter USA. Schecter Japan makes some nice stuff but they have a very hard time getting it here and doing any kind of volume. 3 levels of guitars and finish. I would reach out to Drum City and ask for Jason. He can send you the real Schecter build sheet to fill out. The online website...
  14. yan12

    Cant pull the trigger on a Caparison

    I would not pay $3k for any Cap. I say that because at that price I can find a bunch of guitars I like better for features and looks, plus you can scoop up used upper end guitars in this range regularly. I think Caps are very nice but getting into the 3k range there's too much better...
  15. yan12

    ESP, the company that will do anything you want, except...

    I think it depends on what you want. If you have your feature set decided and the features are not blacklisted here, then there are several good dealers. If you want things ESP normally won't do here in the USA for a regular joe, such as reverse banana headstock, certain inlays, then you need...
  16. yan12

    New Michael Romeo War of the Worlds pt.2

    I think both of the War of the Worlds records are some of the best I have heard. MJR is quite the composer, and somehow these records that bring in the cinema element really hit all the buttons for me. For this type of heavy music. I have ready many interviews with players that know and have...
  17. yan12

    NGD: Suhr Modern 7 Floyd Rose

    Super nice guitars! Suhr makes great stuff and I think you have a couple of keepers there. I do agree that Suhr's that have floyds should have the nut corrected, but TA does the same thing. Old school style with the nut hanging off the shelf of the board. I can't say I know of lots of issues...
  18. yan12

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Correct. I had posted my Schecter getting swirled by Thorn the same time he took over for Darren. Darren backed out on the Ibby P&W 25th series which is another story, but Ron Thorn took over. I got tracked down and hounded by a fan of both Ron and got uncomfortable. So I am leary...
  19. yan12

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    No concern at all just don't want someone getting hounded unnecessarily like I did... I actually think the best swirls came from Herc.
  20. yan12

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but most if not all of those guitars are NOT swirled by Ron Thorn. Same with the PT-7. I have been pestered by someone that tracked me down for mine, and at first it was okay, but it got to the point I really don't want to post pics of much anymore. Mine was...