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    Teaching a blind student

    Hello! Long time since I posted on here but now I feel I may need your help. As of next week I'll be taking on a new student to the classical guitar who does not have the facility to read music and has little to no experience of playing the instrument. I was wondering if...
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    Official What Are You Reading Thread:

    Edit: Double post, don't know whyyyyyyyy
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    Official What Are You Reading Thread:

    I'm currently on the 2nd volume of 'The Story of the Stone,' which I highly (HIGHLY) recommend to anyone interested in Eastern literature. It is supposedly the greatest Chinese novel ever written and I personally cannot stress enough just how beautifully crafted Cao Xueqin's work is. (If...
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    Shredding the uke - a simple picking hand method.

    A (fairly) simple trick for impressing people on the ukulele or classical guitar is the 2-string tremolo. I've struggled to find videos for it in the past, possibly because I don't know its real name but I can explain it relatively clearly here. I don't play the Ukulele, so for simplicities...
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    80 People Executed in North Korea

    Good point, man, one that I think people should take into account before saying 'bomb North Korea.' *immediately* How could you seek reunification after what would be a brutal war? The other point I've seen raised a few times is that North Korea as it is is simply too backward to be unified with...
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    80 People Executed in North Korea

    Haha, could we? I don't mean to sound callous, but you're being naive. Korea has the largest standing army in the world, an army that relies on its massive reserves made up of the civilian population. The civilians are awake to the brutality of their government but they'd still stand and fight...
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    Unfairly maligned vocalists

    I was going to say the exact opposite, haha. Spencer seems to get a large amount of shit (as well as praise) despite being an excellent vocalist. Its always hard to replace the original of any band because people expect that sound; its the sound that they've fallen in love with. I'd agree that...
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    Make Me Cringe (in 3 words)

    TesseracT - Congealing Fate
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    Why are you mad right now?

    Women! GRAGH!
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    Protest the Hero Go Independant/Label-less, Fundraiser for New Album : $125k Goal

    Someone's weighed in here on the lyrics to Plato's Tripartite. Knowing the case in question (or certainly one that would be very similar) gives the song much more depth. Protest the Hero - Plato's Tripartite Lyrics | SongMeanings When he wants to be, Rody can be a pretty damn good lyricist.
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    Protest the Hero Go Independant/Label-less, Fundraiser for New Album : $125k Goal

    I've actually listened to Propaghandi a couple of times because of his guest vocals on Sex Tapes, did not recognise his growl/shouts at all! Anyone else feeling like the acoustic outro of Mist is similar to the outro of A Plateful of our Dead?
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    Protest the Hero Go Independant/Label-less, Fundraiser for New Album : $125k Goal

    I have to say, one of the most memorable moments on the album has to be the guest vocalist on Underbite, no idea who he is - maybe a guy with lotsa money to spare - but the contrast in his voice to the rest of the album gives his part so much weight. "I know that it might be quite cliche... "
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    Old People Wearing Vegetation

    Exactly as the title states... I'd quite like the headgear made from rhubarb. Old People Wearing Vegetation
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    Protest the Hero Go Independant/Label-less, Fundraiser for New Album : $125k Goal

    And yet you probably still should... As far as I'm aware, they reinvested a hefty portion of the additional money back into merch, gear etc. I understand what you're saying but if you didn't actually contribute to the campaign then you're essentially stealing from/leeching off A) the band and B)...
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    Protest the Hero Go Independant/Label-less, Fundraiser for New Album : $125k Goal

    If they carry the energy of this album to their live shows, I will be a happy chappy :agreed: Can't wait for my CD to arrive so I can appreciate this fully, certainly their most accomplished sounding album to date.
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    Thoughts on the situation in Syria?

    Thoughts? My initial impression is that if there was indeed a heavy shelling then it's more likely that it would have been committed by the SAA than the FSA. However, it would appear that it was only a small scale attack, though it is possible that there was a large clean up of the streets...
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    Best band you found out about through

    Even the Trees. Seriously guys, he posted his latest EP on here about a year ago, not much attention was paid to it and it is absolutely fantastic. He also has a full album on his bandcamp from a few years ago and that too is glorious. Aside from that, I'd say Chon or The Safety Fire...
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    New emotional post hardcore band

    Agreed. Vocals are above par though, aside from a few unnecessary elaborations.
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    Protest The Hero Appreciation

    I think it will work in the respect that the very first riff is like "Hello, I'm here! Time for some more goodly riffage!"

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