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  1. Tommy

    Borderlands Megathread - All things Borderlands

    So yeah, story was great and gameplay was so much better than BL2. But now I'm pretty close to 50 with my first character. Has anyone else noticed the complete lack of end game content? Most bosses are one time event mission bosses so farming for their legendaries is a pain in the ass. In the...
  2. Tommy

    Pok'emon Theme song!!!

    That was awesome man. You did a great job.
  3. Tommy

    Skervesen Raptor - BKP spacing?

    A fixed bridge doesn't automatically mean you need a 50mm. You need a 50mm for pretty much for Gibson's and other TOM bridges. The 53mm or F spaced pickups will be used for all other guitars. By the way, the F in F spaced stands for Fender and not Floyd. So yeah, 53mm is the way to go.
  4. Tommy

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    Just a little teaser before I do a NGD and review. I'm just so excited I had to show pics.
  5. Tommy

    Dealing with Carvin on the phone?

    Yeah, call up ChrisH. He's an awesome guy. I ordered my DC800 through him. He'll walk you through everything you need to know.
  6. Tommy

    Destiny: discussion & clans

    Lvl 26 Titan here. Just add me. tommy_willier on PSN.
  7. Tommy

    Ibanez RGA121 Refinished NTF

    :bump: $500 OBO
  8. Tommy

    2011 iMac 27"

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 2011 iMac 27". Great condition. No scratches or anything. Specs in the pictures below. Modifications (if any): OWC RAM 16GB Accessories (hardshell case etc): Apple keyboard and mouse, power supply. Location (City,State or City,Country): Carlsbad...
  9. Tommy

    Ibanez RGA121 Refinished NTF

    :bump: Shoot me an offer. I might say yes.
  10. Tommy

    Axe Fx II MKII, SKB Roto-rack 4U, Furman M-8x2

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Good condition Axe Fx II MKII, has one little scratch in the face. Mint SKB 4U rack, mint Furman M-8x2 Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): Power supplies. Location (City,State or City,Country): Carlsbad, NM International...
  11. Tommy

    Ibanez RGA121 Refinished NTF

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Was a TFK but I sanded it down and tung oiled it to something close to a NTF. Has no pickups with it. Has a brand new bridge purchased through Rick at IbanezRules. Just needs pickups and electronics to get it going again. Modifications (if any): See...
  12. Tommy

    Mayones Regius 6

    On hold. Pending sale.
  13. Tommy

    Mayones Regius 6

  14. Tommy

    High and Low Pass Filtering pedals or rack units?

    Yup. I agree with fluff about the focus. Mine should be showing up sometime today.
  15. Tommy

    Ormsby Guitars HypeMachine 2015 Thread

    Yeah man. I don't really do FB at all. I actually started using my FB again just for the run. :lol: It sucks you missed out though. :(
  16. Tommy

    One NGD to Rule them all: Black Water Guitars Custom 6-string DII

    Hot damn. That turned out fantastic. Congrats man. That's one hell of a wait but it sure does look worth it.
  17. Tommy

    Mayones Regius 6