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  1. eelblack2

    Anyone actively Invest?

    We don’t have to talk specifics, but I’m curious how many folks supplement cash flow with investments? I’m trying to teach my adult children to work on it daily. In the modern age, clicking buttons on a phone can do some amazing things. I’m active in options and blockchain, daily.
  2. eelblack2

    Strandberg tier questions

    I know nothing about these guitars, but my curiosity is happening. I noticed there seems to be multiple pricing tiers? If someone wanted to sample the best possible, would that be the Sweden shop, or is there something higher, like the Ola built? Is that a thing? Thanks in advance
  3. eelblack2

    A few not so common 7's

    Private Stock C24 w/ twist. Single Cut 7 Schecter USA Tele Mr. Scary Guitars Sharkhunter 7 Charvel San Dimas 7 Charvel San Dimas 7 Charvel San Dimas 7 Charvel SD7 with Graphic Charvel San Dimas 7 Charvel San Dimas 7 Charvel San Dimas 7
  4. eelblack2

    Ok, where's all the fro0t?

    Gosh, you get busy a few years, and all the sudden everything is mono-tone..... STEPITUPPLZKKTHX. P.S. Techno still smells of old cheese.
  5. eelblack2

    Ibanez Red Puzzle and Purple JC JPM Thingie

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: (Red)2006 ibanez jcraft trans red puzzle mahogany body / 5 piece neck / flame maple and quilt maple puzzle piece body cap / natural maple edge (reveal), EdgePro (Purple) Gone Modifications (if any):None Accessories (hardshell case etc): OHSC...
  6. eelblack2

    Jackson Customshop Soloist 7 Korina

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Near mint, if not Mint. Korina Soloist (Korina 3 Piece neck-Thru with Korina wings.) Figuring visable on body in person. Gold Hardware and OFR7. EMG 707's. I have additional Seymour Duncan Custom shop passive Screamin Demon7 and 59-7 I will include...
  7. eelblack2

    NGD: Ibanez J-Custom built to JPM specs plus maple body.

    I guess someone at Ikebe Gakki was a fan of JP. Looks like they had the same spec used as the old Ibanez signature, added an all flame Maple Body to the mix, and painted it a crazy color. Who am I to say no to crazy color??! The neck carve is dead-on JPM also.
  8. eelblack2

    Give me ALL your love tonight - NGD

  9. eelblack2

    Looking for Graphic and Holoflash Nightswans

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: All Graphic Nightswans and Holoflash barring Aztec. (Already have.) Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Dont care Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Boca Raton, FL USA International OK?: International OK Contact Info (No Phone #s):PM me or hit me AIM...
  10. eelblack2

    RG2228 950.00 Shipped, Rusty Cooley LACS8 with trem 2800.00 shipped.

    RG2228 SOLD Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: (RG2228) Dead mint. Less than 30 mins playtime on it Im sure. Includes original case. I have too many 8 strings, lets be real. Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original case included - they are...
  11. eelblack2

    KXK Sii7 27" scale with OFR7 2000.00 shipped

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: (All gone - Kevin's now) Minty just like when KXK shipped it to me. Includes nice original case. Passive sized Blackouts if you would like to go back to passives without any routing issues. Mahogany neck thru, Mahogany wings, Blank Ebony board...
  12. eelblack2

    NGD: Jackson CS7 Archtop Soloist

    MJ at Duncan Custom Shop is doing a (passive, of course) Screamin Demon 7 and 59-7 built inside Blackout Phase II chassis for me to drop in. Yay for better, passive, options in an EMG7 routed situation. :hbang: On to Pics:
  13. eelblack2

    NGD: KXK Sii-7R 27T Just delivered at home and I'm stuck at work.....

    (Think this one is pre-finish) More photos and review tonight. :chris:
  14. eelblack2

    Lee's Sherman 7 order placed (WUWU)

    Specs are: Ash body (Just like Chris') Set neck Same neck as Chris' with 27" scale Jumbo frets Flame Maple Fingerboard (blank) Chrome OFR7 with Graphtech piezo saddles and system Chrome Hardware Flame Maple Top Hum/Single/Hum Bareknuckles (Not sure of model - will let Tim and Mike...
  15. eelblack2

    RG2228, UVMC ATD, UVPWH, Revolver7, COW7, 7420 WAVES, LACS Cold

    USA shipping only now barring the UV's and RG 2228. My apologies to the international folks but, Im spending way too much time generating international shipping quotes that arent going anywhere. 30 bucks on anything shipped in the lower 48, and yes hardshell case is included with all guitars...
  16. eelblack2

    WTB Triaxis, JMP-1, 2:90 Mesa or VHT

    Im in full on rack hoer mode and need all of these things if you have them available and in excellent condition. Looking to buy all of them, not either or. Thanks for looking, and Im posting here first, as I would rather buy from a community member than a faceless entity on ebay specifically...
  17. eelblack2

    Old UV Hearting

    Just realized I have never had all four out of thier cases at the same time, so I thought I'd snap a few pics and share. Sorry in advance for the lack of photo skills, and the flash seems to be robbing the MC of its neon brightness especially in the pink areas.
  18. eelblack2

    WTB Ibanez 7 string parts

    Always looking for UV square heel necks in good shape 1. Looking specifically for 7 string nut, locking, for a UV neck (Not the surface mount only type - the older ones)(Need one) 2. 7 String Ibanez String retainer (Need two) 3. Ibanez Gotoh Tuners (Need two sets) 4. Edge7 or Lopro7...
  19. eelblack2

    New Bass Day Carvin LB76

    Not too many pics cause the flash is making the transblack look all washed out. Its actually MUCH darker in person. Im really digging the way this bass plays despite the strings on it are older than Eric. I just ordered a new set of Dr Lo Riders so that should fix that. This thing has the...
  20. eelblack2

    Possibly FS: 1077XLblack, Cow7s, HRG4-BX, Loomis, 540S7

    ALL ITEMS BELOW 100% FOR SALE NOW - JC7 IS GONE Heres the deal. I have my eye on 2 UVMCs. One of them is slightly retardedly expensive and the other is completely retardedly expensive (Im talking obscenely retarded). I have no intention of charging either of them, but if I can free up some...