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  1. purpledc

    FS Line 6 Spidervalve MKII Head W/ FBV express MKII

    Make someone happy this Christmas with decibels. $325 shipped OBO
  2. purpledc

    BC Rich Eagle Identification help

    Yep that is the japan only NJ series logo. When NJ actually stood for Nagoya Japan. Very nice guitars.
  3. purpledc

    Very disappointed with PRS.

    There is no doubt that poly finishes protect better. I just disagreed that all oil was the same and that none offer protection against humidity. I dont understand why you are getting hung up on any of that stuff. If you focus on what is relevant the only thing we really need to know is he...
  4. purpledc

    Very disappointed with PRS.

    There is absolutely no reason why that neck cant have an oil finish. IMHO this seems like a disconnect in communication between the factory and their aftermarket division that does all the mods for customers. What has likely happened is that since the guys modding the guitars don't actually...
  5. purpledc


    You know, at this point Gibson really cant claim that they have no idea why they are half a billion in debt and are having to downsize. Every guitar company has a bad idea here and there. But Gibson seems to really pride themselves on making shit no one wants.
  6. purpledc

    Ibanez 2018 models announced(teased) :O

    Well played sir. Well played. :duel:
  7. purpledc

    Ibanez 2018 models announced(teased) :O

    The new prestige that has been delayed has an edge trem and only 2 humbuckers.
  8. purpledc

    Ibanez 2018 models announced(teased) :O

    Strat players might have three pickups but they are half as wide as humbuckers. And many people are playing 24 fret guitars which reduce the gap between two humbuckers and a single coil even further. Thats not exactly an apples to apples comparison. Combine that with a relatively flat neck...
  9. purpledc

    Ibanez 2018 models announced(teased) :O

    You want seven strings with only the ability to tune six of them? Jk
  10. purpledc

    Fixing finish chip/dent

    Nice catch. I do believe you are correct looking at the pic again. And I agree it should be pretty simple.
  11. purpledc

    Fixing finish chip/dent

    I forgot to mention that the binding can also be repaired but its a long process and one that requires a bit of artistic and creative license to nail. I would be looking at doing a colored drop fill to rebuild the binding ( or atleast make it look like binding) followed by the chip repair I...
  12. purpledc

    Fixing finish chip/dent

    I fix chips like that with drop fills all the time with really good luck actually. What I do I rough up the area a little with a red or gray scotchbrite pad and then I stain the wood with either a stain pen or in some cases even a sharpie. I have an Ibanez 1570 that had a ding out of the...
  13. purpledc

    NGD: Schecter SVSS PT-Prototype

    I hate teles. But I love that tele. Nicely done.
  14. purpledc

    Tell me about Japanese Schecters (SDII, NV, etc)

    That was what I have always known about the japan schecters. Basically rebranded esp guitars.
  15. purpledc

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    If I chose to not play a guitar because of such hang ups, I probably would be a drummer.
  16. purpledc

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    So, misha had another guitar made?
  17. purpledc

    NGD: 1999 rg470

    Congrats! I just got my first japan made Ibby as well. I ended up with a 1570. I wanted the 5 piece neck and direct mounted pickups or else I would have been looking at an older one too. IMHO japan ibanez are some of the best workhorse guitars available. Its just too bad prices seem to be...
  18. purpledc

    Why don't we use tube overdrive pedals?

    I often question this line of thinking. For myself i have discovered tube amps are actually counterintuitive to the tone i am after. At least by themselves they are. And the only way to get there is with an overdrive pedal in the front end of an amp using transistors. Transistors have been...
  19. purpledc

    NGD: Jackson Custom Shop Heavy Relic Strat

    That meme is why Misha is my nemesis. He knows damn well all things blue should really be purple.
  20. purpledc

    NGD - RG1670MZ-FB

    very nice guitar. Too bad you aren't in the states Id nab the V8 pickup you ripped out. I want a prestige with that trem. I also really want to try the one with the roller bearings. Very cool piece. I have never seen one. Love the zebras in it too.