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  1. Brewtal_Damage

    EC1000 tuning problems?

    I believe Music Man filed a lawsuit against Earvana for patent infrigement
  2. Brewtal_Damage

    Carvin 8 string content

    Just saw this on their facebook page what do you guys think about this? sorry if this is a repost
  3. Brewtal_Damage

    Carvin 8 Strings Available!!

    Just saw this on their facebook page what do you guys think about this? sorry if this is a repost
  4. Brewtal_Damage

    Threat Signal / Chris Feener 7 string cover

    impressive, this song is awesome :D
  5. Brewtal_Damage

    ESP/LTD summer 2011 lineup

    I'm hoping these will be available as lefties :ugh:
  6. Brewtal_Damage

    Looking for hardware... Site please?

    PM Elysian in here, he's a Sperzel dealer, he can hook you up with a 7 set, he's a great guy.
  7. Brewtal_Damage

    Looking for hardware... Site please?

    I've got black Sperzels, they're matte black, order them in black, you should get the matte ones, they hold the tuning so well, and make string changes a breeze
  8. Brewtal_Damage

    My Band doing Journey Separate Ways AxeFx2 studio Video

    Mark, your vids are always amazing, things like this make me want rob a bank to buy an Axe-Fx II, you sir \m/!
  9. Brewtal_Damage

    So my band has been plagiarised

    Here you can hear at 1:38 the rhytm I was talking about. go to IRA | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos the song is called "It's Over" it's the same rhytmic pattern, Sacrament was released in 2006. IRA's song was put up on myspace in summer 2005, it's called coincidence, if you...
  10. Brewtal_Damage

    So my band has been plagiarised

    I 2nd what The Armada posted above, the band I was previously with, wrote a song, recorded it, it was on their myspace page since 2006, Lamb of God released Sacrament, and one of their songs has a part with the same rythm pattern, who cares, I highly doubt LoG would had listened to the song and...
  11. Brewtal_Damage

    Two new tracks by my band Arc! Instrumental! Axe FX! Amazing drums! Waffles!

    Finally :) Sleep probably is the best song I've heard in a while
  12. Brewtal_Damage

    LTD M-53 off-centered routing?

    I had a EX-100 with the same problem, nothing a neck shim and alingment couldn't fix
  13. Brewtal_Damage

    Engl Invader - SD Blackouts 8 strings and Tone

    I had a Decimator pedal version, now I have the Pro Rack G, when I had the pedal I used to run it in the loop, I found it sits better in front of the amp, also this way it works better (mine in the loop with the right amout to not loose sustain used to feedback here and there) you should be ok...
  14. Brewtal_Damage

    Trailer for a new Arc song is up! Axe FX! 7 strings! Swirls! Exclamation!

    I'm looking forward to hear something more, what I've heard amazed me, great work
  15. Brewtal_Damage

    Long overdue NGD!!!: Blackmachine clone content! (56k jokes are old)

    Finally, it looks awesome dude, enjoy it!!!
  16. Brewtal_Damage

    New Incubus is DONE!

    IMO they lost their spark after Morning View
  17. Brewtal_Damage

    Douglas Scope 727 again but with a video

    the way your hand looks when you do a vibrato on a string reminds me of Zakk Wylde
  18. Brewtal_Damage

    Where is a good place to get tuners for a 7?

    if you're set on Sperzels Elysian on here can hook you up, really good guy to deal with