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  1. Jerich

    STL Tonality - Andy James Suite

    i wish they made hardware products. I am very interested in trying the Pedal he is coming out with from STL.
  2. Jerich

    check out these atrocious solder joints from a big modder.

    wow, I would never turn out work like this,It's a shame the QC was not better...
  3. Jerich

    Philadephia Area 7 string guitaristed wanted

    Season Of Mourning Progressive Doom Metal band is looking for a second guitarist.
  4. Jerich

    some of the best pickups ive ever played.....

    some of the best pickups ive ever played.....
  5. Jerich

    Majik Box Fuzz Universe?

    sorry for updating this old post but... 2013 at NAMM Majik Box have some great stuff coming out and JP Paul Gilbert Doug Aldrich Rob Balducci Munky and Myself with make appearances
  6. Jerich

    New Munky 7 1/2 string in 2013?

    Stop the spamming of your company outside the Dealers section... and put your affiliation in your sig
  7. Jerich

    7 Horns 7 Eyes - New Album April, New Song 'Divine Amnesty' Streaming!

    i do not post much anymore but...this band excites me they have a great sound and its Not DJENT!....
  8. Jerich

    USA seven string guitar?

    News: Products: Origin Convergence 6 String and 7 String Shred Guitar Models Begin Shipping | Harmony Central A lot of questions can be answered now. Anyone interested contact me or Home Page
  9. Jerich

    The Axe Palace 2012 NAMM SS.ORG Picstory Spectacular + BRJ Factory Tour Adventure!)

    Awesome post! Sorry to say it would have been greater if I was at the Brunetti booth when you guys stopped by but alas one has to eat once in a while. Glad you made it out and for anyone interested in Origin guitars feel free to check us out. All USA made guitars with many new inovations. You...
  10. Jerich

    USA seven string guitar?

    I can answer all questions with a "yes" but the pricing that comes after NAMM sorry guys. All USA made guitars but there is base models.
  11. Jerich

    USA seven string guitar?

    I am sorry to pull up old threads but I feel this might resolve a few questions anyone might have. If not I am always around... NAMM 2012 I will show you all first hand Origin : Home Page
  12. Jerich

    Brunetti or splawn

    A general search on these boards would find you plenty of Brunetti clips. I for one have two of the evo xl r's and they kill everything i have ever used. they sound just as good low volume as high volume and the gain is tight and articulate.Considering i am an endorsed artist for Brunetti i am...
  13. Jerich

    USA seven string guitar?

    OOooo...Mike you touched my EVIL HEART haha!! Thanks for the props man. Sorry i cannot post any photo's because everything thing has not been made yet ,i was just feeling out the seven string guitar community. Let me run down some positive things...included.. 1) New shapes and designs...
  14. Jerich

    USA seven string guitar?

    good to see the news is lukewarm. There is always room for a new "guitar company" i was just interested to see/hear what fellow board members had to think of it.Just the idea of a new company. Imagine a company now holding 5 new guitar patients and only making seven string guitars. There would...
  15. Jerich

    USA seven string guitar?

    I hope the title does this question justice. Who would be interested in a USA guitar company that made High quality custom Guitars only 7 string models. Comparable with "NO" disrespect to Caparison,ErnieBall,BC Rich USA,Tom Anderson,Suhr... And that has inovations like no other? There would be...
  16. Jerich

    USA seven string guitar?

  17. Jerich

    TH2 VS Revalver...Sort of (Mixtest)

    I have never used the ReValver but i have the th2 and it is close but not spot on a clone for the Brunetti tone..I still prefer to Mike up a real cabinet...
  18. Jerich

    hey david t chastain re-issues in the works i hear!! just keeping you in the loop!!!

    hey david t chastain re-issues in the works i hear!! just keeping you in the loop!!!
  19. Jerich

    The Digitech GSP1101 thread.

    great forum stuff here guys!! i need to up load some of my patch's rikk beatty from digitech helped me out a lot... he's the best!!!
  20. Jerich

    The Big Ol' 2011 NAMM Rumour mill!!

    The Steve Smyth 7 is stellar!!! he has great taste in 7's...also everyone should check out the new Forbidden -Omega Wave Steve shreds his ass off on it great Stuff......