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  1. Mendez

    NGD: PRS Custom 24 Wood Library 10-Top

    I reinstalled the 58/15 LT set into my WL when I got it, the original owner had put some SD pups in there. At first I was not jiving with them at all, gave it a few weeks of tweaking and comparing. I love them now, such a versatile set and I even feel they outclass the BKP Mule set I installed...
  2. Mendez

    NGD: Strandberg Plini Edition Neck-Thru

    No kidding? Nice catch! I've always seen sigs get immediately bought from their specials page.
  3. Mendez

    J Custom 3A flame maple?

    Yep, I'll take one purple, please and thank you.
  4. Mendez

    NGD: Strandberg Plini Edition Neck-Thru

    HNGD! Really dig the neck thru plini sigs. Hard as heck to come by from what I've seen.
  5. Mendez

    NGD: Lester…

    That's a looker, congrats! Getting the LP bug is tough when your fighting between an LP and McCarty :rofl:
  6. Mendez

    NGD PRS Custom 24

    Also, how are those BKP's in that SC?
  7. Mendez

    NGD PRS Custom 24

    That good? I have a 2001 Single Cut, but I'm not gonna lie, those 594's are tasty. Maybe I should sell my Suhr to get one :lol:
  8. Mendez

    Between the Buried and Me 2021 Set List

    I can totally agree with everything said here. I've listened to all of their albums more than once and honestly the Colors I era still gets me the most. TGM was good, but it was definitely different and more 'meh'. There was a couple bits I absolutely enjoyed in Paralax II but I had to wait...
  9. Mendez

    Rare Ibanez Thread

    Yeah man, I'm still looking for the purple one. I missed an opportunity to buy one last year, still kicking myself over it
  10. Mendez

    Rare Ibanez Thread

    I have an RGT3120 and RG7CT, if that counts: Excuse the paper towels on the trem springs, cheap way to quiet those things down :lol:
  11. Mendez

    BTBAM - Colors II - 8/20/21

    Fix the Error video just released, love the drum break down in the middle.
  12. Mendez

    BTBAM - Colors II - 8/20/21

    Hell yeah this is exciting, the IG post had me excited to listen to the track but then I forgot to check it out. Just finished listening to it, really enjoyed it, can't wait for the full release! Am I the only one that's disappointed it didn't continue to the next track? :lol:
  13. Mendez

    I was forced to check in my PRS McCarty in a soft case on a flight...

    So glad it worked out! I haven't had to take a guitar on a plane ride yet, but I am not looking forward to that day. That PRS is beautiful!
  14. Mendez

    Group photo on a nice warm day.

    That's an awesome family pic! Respect man, the older I get the simpler things become on the life and musical front.
  15. Mendez

    Schecter Masterworks experience/results

    That's unreal, can't go wrong with the USA Schecters! I have a Custom Shop Tele from them and it's one of the best playing guitars I've owned. Congrats man!
  16. Mendez

    MaxOfMetal's Post Deemed "Dickish"

    I've been in IT for about 4-5 years now myself and honestly I'm not sure what else I would do professionally. I've been working on a Cyber Security degree mostly to increase my chances of finding a job and bounce from my company :lol:
  17. Mendez

    NGD : unusual for me, but why not ? E-II EC7

    Oh my, that is one awesome guitar. I've been super curious about trying an ET, I know several people that love it for live and studio work. Enjoy the new fiddle!
  18. Mendez

    MaxOfMetal's Post Deemed "Dickish"

    Not sure if I want tentacles on my pizza....:spock:
  19. Mendez

    MaxOfMetal's Post Deemed "Dickish"

    Speaking of burgers, whatcha guys think of Smashburger?
  20. Mendez

    MaxOfMetal's Post Deemed "Dickish"

    This is quality content right here, it's why I roll with the SSO crew :rofl: