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  1. lucasreis

    I'm....a Slipknot fan now.

    That's great. Haven't listened to the new one entirely yet, but I really like their work. Do not care about the folks bashing them. They are a great band.
  2. lucasreis

    Different Axes for Different Purposes?

    I have a 6 string, a 7 string and an 8 string. The first one is an Epiphone SG, the second is a 7 String Les Paul Classic (Epiphone as well) and the third is an Ibanez RG8. Pretty versatile. I would like a strat as well someday and I would really love to have a Variax at some point.
  3. lucasreis

    Does Greta Van Fleet bother you...

    Greta Van Fleet reminds me of these guys... Flymore. Or, the Russian Korn. it's so blatant it borders on bizarre. And to think these guys opened for Korn in Russia once. Imagine that... If they did this like 20 years from now, they would be hailed as innovators. But they chose an active band...
  4. lucasreis

    Does Greta Van Fleet bother you...

    I'm torn on them. I mean... yeah, they are a blantant copy cat and even Robert Plant got mad because they don't acknowledge Zep and the the frontman said he is influenced by 70's Aerosmith, that's a joke right? I have two points that I would like to make (pro and con) 1. Pro - Cool to see...
  5. lucasreis

    The Nu-Metal Appreciation Thread

    Brand new Flaw!! :)
  6. lucasreis

    The Nu-Metal Appreciation Thread

    Talking about new school new metal? Just going to drop this gem here!
  7. lucasreis

    Your musical guilty pleasures

    Going to post a lot of songs. I'm not really guilty of liking any of them, it's just that they're more pop than what I listen to regularly, but I genuinely like these songs and I love threads like this.
  8. lucasreis

    Slipknot Megathread- New Slipknot song & video/Firing of Chris Fehn

    Mine does it as well. I bought it in 1999.
  9. lucasreis

    Slipknot Megathread- New Slipknot song & video/Firing of Chris Fehn

    I do like it, but since I saw some unpopular opinions I'll give mine: Mate Feed Kill Repeat is the best Slipknot album that exists, even though it's not a proper album. I was really sad that they never incorporated that jazzy stuff into the newer records. it sounded like a chaotic mix between...
  10. lucasreis

    Metallica's 'Load' and 'Reload' Era: Does It Deserve That Much Hate?

    No. They are great hard rock albums much more in the vein of Corrosion of Conformity than trying to emulate grunge and alternative rock of that time. Where the wild things are, alone, makes Reload worthy. People just love to hate them.
  11. lucasreis

    Maynard James Keenan accused of underage rape

    Who are you to wave your finger?
  12. lucasreis

    I’m Thinking of Going to Drake/Migos Concert

    I'm going to hijack these thread to look for recommendations. I'm a fan of gangsta rap from the early nineties. I like that sound, I like the way they rap, etc. Old Snoop, Dre, NWA, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Ice T, etc. I also really enjoy Kanye West for some reason...but it's already old...
  13. lucasreis

    Gibson Files for Bankruptcy

    It would be really funny if Fender bought 'em. I don't know... maybe PRS could buy them? It would be a great fit I guess. I don't really know the market value of any of these. Or if a more modern brand bought them, like Ibby, and started to release all kinds of crazy Gibsons with larger scales...
  14. lucasreis

    Gibson Files for Bankruptcy

    Slap a Gibson headstock on Epiphones and sell them as an entry level Gibson. Just keep the Epiphone name for their classic models that don't have a Gibson equivalent.
  15. lucasreis

    The Beginning to your Musical journey

    Watching Kiss Meets the Phantom movie in the 90's made me love rock. Listening to Black Sabbath's firsr albums for the first time made me love the darker side. It just got heavier and heavier from there. Mom was a total rocker. Mom, thank you for the influences, wherever you are right now. Now...
  16. lucasreis

    How do you rank Sevendust’s albums?

    Kill the Flaw is my favorite right now and I've been a fan since the beggining. Forget is fucking awesome and Death Dance is my jam.
  17. lucasreis

    Am I the only one?

    I'm 34 and I still feel like a kid whenever I find a new song or band I love. And this is arguably the best time of my life to be a music fan. So much variety. I have nostalgia for many things but I still think that a great chunk of the stuff I love was made in the past ten years. Open your...