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  1. failshredder

    I have the Slayer tone, get in here and be jealous

    Sloppy, muddy, painfully uninteresting riffs, no highs in the tone at all... sounds like Slayer to me.
  2. failshredder

    I let my lead guitar do the singing for me. Check it

    This is awesome. I don't like most eight-string stuff, but you've got a good sound going on. Keep it up!
  3. failshredder

    Watch this Geoff Tate commercial about himself...

    what in the name of great holy fuck was that
  4. failshredder

    Incoming NBD (New Baby Day) (I'm currently in the hospital during induction!)

    Congratulations, and good luck! Now, please do not post a picstory of the unwrapping. Especially do not post pictures of the knife that was used to cut open the... yeah, no, just no picstory, okay? Edit: Shit, ninja'ed.
  5. failshredder

    Weeping China Doll

    holy shit i thought I hated Vai until this moment
  6. failshredder

    Is accuracy more important than speed

    You have to fairly often TRY to play something way beyond a speed you can play it at to actually even start learning it. Uses a completely different set of muscles for me to play 16ths at 120 and 16ths at 180+. That being said, don't perform or record something you can't play cleanly at the...
  7. failshredder

    Secondary Dominants?

    As far as I know, you're right. This is what I learned in theory class all those years ago, at least. Also they're awesomely fun to play with.
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  9. failshredder

    GlassCloud album

    I only care about the song Ivy & Wine, it has The Mojo. Everything else on the record is shit. Hell, Ivy and Wine is shit, I just like it anyway.
  10. failshredder

    Murder Construct firing shotz at da djentz

    Lyrics: hilarious. Song: awful. Jesus christ that guitar tone is terrible and floppy-sounding.
  11. failshredder

    Weird thing happened after recording, anyone else?

    You wore it out. Same thing happens to me, but about halfway through writing whatever it is. :) It'll come back eventually.
  12. failshredder

    Diagnosed with Tendonitis and maybe Carpal Tunnel- Any Advice?

    Make sure you warm up very slowly on guitar: that sure helped me. Also start powerlifting. I'm serious.
  13. failshredder

    Andrew W.K.'s new ESP Custom

    I wish all my guitars had EMGs and were shaped like pizza.
  14. failshredder

    Scale/key with both D# and B major?

    I saw this thread, yelled to myself, "CHROMATIC MEDIANT RELATIONSHIP OH MAN I'M GOING TO INB4 WHORE TODAY" and then was sad/happy that he beat me to it. :)
  15. failshredder

    Most beautiful chord you've heard

    x 4 2 5 3 x C, G, A, B, so uh Cmaj7add13 with the third left out?
  16. failshredder

    Starting Over

    Stop playing guitar for at least two weeks. I'm serious. See what happens after that. But don't take chances, I continued to play through some pain/numbness several years ago and I still have horrible endurance on the instrument now.
  17. failshredder

    Collibus - Female Fronted Metal from UK

    You used to post on the Outworld/Rusty Cooley forums. :peer: Nice shit, dude, your chops are crazy awesome.
  18. failshredder

    REVIEW: Agile Interceptor Pro

    Dude, not going to lie, that first track was RAD. You've got decent chops and some great ideas. Plus you sound different. *high-five*
  19. failshredder

    New song

    Yes, I need to practice a lot of things to get them right. Don't worry about it. It probably just means you're progressing.
  20. failshredder

    Practicing economy/alternate picking with a metronome?

    Paul Gilbert doesn't actually alternate pick everything, he alternates(pun intended) between picking and legato. He's a good guitarist, but I wouldn't recommend listening to him on sweeping etc. There's nothing wrong with economy picking, but you really do need the metronome. Play scales with...