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    Why are you happy right now?

    Have fun, mang! I'll be there in 2 months also, my partner and i are leaving for India in 3 weeks, and then making our way through Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam as well, also changing cities when I get back, exciting times :hbang:
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    Final Fantasy 15 FINALLY coming September 30th

    I only played the story really, like I really enjoyed it, I did a few side quests and hunts and I felt like I was only 10% into the story or something and then all of a sudden I was on a linear shinkansen headed right towards the end, I felt the story was extremely rushed. I definitely want to...
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    New to fitness. Need to lose some weight..where to start?

    Yeah i agree with healthy fats, I said be wary of fats in my post, but do not under estimate healthy fats.
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    New to fitness. Need to lose some weight..where to start?

    Eating healthy is definitely the key here, just watch out on snacking and times you're eating. Try and have your carbs in the morning, and cut back on carbs at dinner, as in stick with meat & veggies, avoid pastas and huge dollops of mashed potato. Get a bit more protein, don't try and fry...
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    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    I think he means the EQ Bandwidth, so when you EQ you can adjust the boost to be at say 800hz, but you can than adjust it so its a sharp spike that boosts 800hz, or a wider spike boosting 600-1000hz.
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    What game are you playing?

    FFXV, I'm enjoying it but not as much as everybody else, I've been playing final fantasy since I was 5, I taught myself to read playing Final Fantasy 6 pretty much, so I've been extremely excited about this. I can see the potential of this game, the combat is super fun but I just feel like it's...
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    What game are you playing?

    Just bought a PS4 for when FFXV Hits, I'm excited. I picked up one of the starter bundles with Lego Star Wars & Ratchet & Clank because outside of RPG/Adventures I'm pretty much a kid, when it comes to games :lol:
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    The .strandberg* Thread

    Merchandise was the least picked option btw, just incase you guys were mixing up the 2 greens.
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    Thinking about finally ditching current/future consoles

    I get too distracted gaming on PCs, like on a console, I'm in my lounge room playing a game. PC, I'm Alt+Tabbing and checking sevenstring, or reading some other bull..... I find it hard to immerse myself on a PC.
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    It's all Parry Gripp I'm not listening to all the videos to find the song though haha, good luck it's painful! :lol:
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    Yeah I love Transcendence, but think Gump should have made it.. The second CD Is pretty good, I think I had the same experience with epicloud(er)
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    Why are you happy right now?

    Been building my little home studio up lately, heres my recent updates; New Desk with higher shelf for speakers, Second Monitor for macbook 500gb SSD + 16gb Ram upgrade Set of AKG Perception Mics for vocal/guitar/percussion Novation Launchkey 49, upgrade from my old launchkey mini25 Purchased...
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    Easiest BTBAM?

    White walls has a lot of easier riffs, that are also fun and the leads aren't anything too crazy. That's one of my favourites from Colours to play. The Primer is also pretty easy and fun to play, as well as Selkies which has a lot of easy riffs except for that spaghetti finger part in the...
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    What game are you playing?

    Just hit endgame of FF:XIV, tossing up wether or not to buy Heavensward though. Also playing through Stardew Valley again heh.
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    Animals As Leaders MEGATHREAD

    Definitely agree on weird farty tone, and how messy it is... I still really like it, it's interesting, I'm really enjoying the direction of AAL.. I liked the S/T but mostly for their more cleaner songs, and Joy of Motion had a lot more of that and sounds like this will too.
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    The HAARP Machine is Back...

    Al's released the guitar transcription for Disclosure; I wonder if it will have the gp5 files he used to record the album?* *joke
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    From the studio video of his takes everyone was saying how insane his drumming is, just like every single hit is so precise, same tambre/volume etc.. This album has blown me away, it's the first new album by Dev i've actually enjoyed for a long time. I just get so many older vibes, but still...
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    The ending Arps on Ki could possibly be my favourite bit of music I've ever heard from Dev, so much intensity!
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    I've pre-ordered, excited to get it! I'm getting a real early vibe from stormbending.. Digging it all so far.
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread! That interview has a lot of information about Devin's process of work. I don't think he particularly had a falling out with Vai himself, just needed to get out there and do...