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  1. Sebastian

    Double NGD: 14 strings of Japanese goodness

    Great guitars! Congrats :)
  2. Sebastian

    Rare Korn guitars

    Who is the man you hate?
  3. Sebastian

    Rare Korn guitars

    There are none of them "for sale" to the public from what I know, so if someone wants a Korn LACS they have to pay what the seller wants - no other way, there is no such thing as "fair price" when it comes to such rare items. Either you can afford it or not. There are guitarists "100 times less...
  4. Sebastian

    ESP 7 String Arrows

    Impressive! Hard to choose the best looking one! (maybe the silverburst! :) )
  5. Sebastian

    Dino Cazares Guitars

  6. Sebastian

    NGD: That’s a lot of 7s for a 6

    That looks great! and the case!
  7. Sebastian

    Dino Cazares Guitars

    Rare indeed! I love this guitar. And a photo, back from the time when I was cool LOL
  8. Sebastian

    NGD - Ibanez RG7620

    Thank You!
  9. Sebastian

    Dino Cazares Guitars

    There's a Mexican eagle painted on the back od the body as well
  10. Sebastian

    Dino Cazares Guitars

    Some parts of it :)
  11. Sebastian

    Dino Cazares Guitars

    The 22 fret RG7 and the "Backup RG7" is the same guitar. And yes, it has 24 frets in the photo with the Jinjer vocalist.
  12. Sebastian

    Rare Korn guitars

    The one in Poland was closer to 6-7k USD (years ago) - Head head it in the Guitar World pool photoshoot. Not broken, not refinished. There was a crack on the headstock/neck - sealed with resin. It played great, and there were no issues with it.
  13. Sebastian

    My work buddy today :)

    Looks great! how's the neck on that one?
  14. Sebastian


    Those are amazing guitars! Congratulations!
  15. Sebastian

    NGD - Ibanez RG7620

    If someone would pay double the price I would probably sell it haha I was looking for a good 7620 for quite some time to be honest... a long time, and It popped up at the end of last year.
  16. Sebastian

    NGD - Ibanez RG7620

    Thank you! Yes, the stock ones, maybe I'll change them in the future
  17. Sebastian

    NGD - Ibanez RG7620

    Finally a new guitar day - a fantastic Ibanez RG7620 (Galaxy Black) from 2002. I was really lucky to find one in almost perfect condition. Seriously, a 21 year old guitar and it's easily 9/10! Almost no wear on the bridge and frets :) Yeah!
  18. Sebastian

    NGD! Majesty Crystal Amethyst.

    Good lord! that looks great!
  19. Sebastian

    Show me your Ibanez LACS 7's (&6's) with Reverse Headstocks

    I really liked that LACS, really good neck, and the inlays!
  20. Sebastian

    ESP 901 - ESP experts please school me

    There was also an acrylic version (don't know if production or custom)