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  1. Heroin

    NGD: Another White Ibby (56k run some errands)

    what a gorgeous combination! HNGD :metal:
  2. Heroin

    Help me get Troy Sanders hair!

    his hair just looks incredibly unkept :lol: try getting it cut to around that length (shoulders?), parting it in the middle-ish and blow dry it without brushing to give it a "shaggy" look keep in mind your hair textures might not be the same so it might not look "exact"
  3. Heroin

    NGD: My first 7 string... Ibanez RG7421 in White

    I'm getting one of these for my 18th birthday which is less than a month away! I can't wait, hope you enjoy your RG7421. HNGD :metal:
  4. Heroin

    Ibanez 2014 NAMM Thread

    7 string RG lo-pro prestige - I need dis :hbang: 9 string RG - I need dis :djent: 7 string classical - oh god I need dis!! :bowdown:
  5. Heroin

    Things not to do while Practicing

    Gotta love that headspace bud puts you into when you're riffin' :) It's pretty fun to play when you're buzzed and you're jamming with your friends with the exception of screwing up a couple times but not noticing :lol:
  6. Heroin

    Who wants to play with the Lions?

    "butters creamy goo is chock full of all the essentials an athlete needs: CUMmitment CUMpassion and CUMradery!"
  7. Heroin

    ICP vs. FBI

    "Plus I was put here to put fear in faggots who spray Faygo Root Beer And call themselves clowns cause they look queer"
  8. Heroin

    Strandberg 9 string is here!!

    I want to try a 9-string so bad. I don't know why but 9 strings seem more appealing to me than 8 strings; maybe it's just because it's an odd number like a 7 string. :lol:
  9. Heroin

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Will the KM-7 have glow-in-the-dark side dots?
  10. Heroin

    NGD: Custom Shop 7-String Dean RC7 "Ultra Violet" Quilt

    so slick, so classy. hngd :metal: you should take a family photo :)
  11. Heroin

    Dear SSO

    I saw that! I was thinking to myself "ummm.. why hasn't anyone mentioned the guy with the cross yet :lol:"
  12. Heroin

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    I WANT THE BLACKJACK A-7 SO ....ING BAD IT HURTS. Oh my god I love the red glow-in-the-dark inlays! The slim body is sexy as hell too.
  13. Heroin

    Your top 4 "must have" guitars

    I'd love to own a strandberg one day, a 7 string with a natural top. That'll be the day. A 9 string would be really cool too. And a classical 7 string guitar!
  14. Heroin

    New Beast Pink Content Inside*

    classy :) hngd!
  15. Heroin

    NGD Daemoness Cimmerian Baritone "Skeletorburst" (56no)

    you know your luthier is legit as .... when he invites you over to eat and drink with him :lol: sweet ass guitar mate, hngd
  16. Heroin

    Who's got the best avatar on here?

    I love my avatar; I don't think I'm ever going to change it haha.
  17. Heroin

    Holiday Rep Thread 3.0

    Merry Christmas guys! :hug: I just realized I've been here for two years now; time sure flies!
  18. Heroin

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    oh my god the avenger 7... it's beatiful.. so so beautiful *sheds tear*
  19. Heroin

    Ola Englund Washburn Signature Announced

    wow, that guitar is pretty much perfection in my eyes. I'd probably die if it had a seventh string :lol: