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  1. Sean1242

    Photography Thread

    Thanks for the heads up and all the information. I appreciate it :D
  2. Sean1242

    Photography Thread

    Hey, folks :D Forgot this thread exists. I recently have been using this 12 year old Canon EOS 300D and it's been extremely fun. I'm typically using a GoPro Hero4 for photos and video but obviously want to get into the dslr world. I'm thinking of upgrading to a Canon T5i in a few months...
  3. Sean1242

    Photography Thread

    Been using Instagram as well, it's my favourite social network by far and it's nice to have a bunch of others check your stuff out :D
  4. Sean1242

    Photography Thread

    I've been messing with a GoPro Hero 4 black since I bought one during black friday and it's been a blast so far. Photobucket really took the quality down on these as they're all originally 4000x3000. Here are a few recent ones :D
  5. Sean1242

    Photography Thread

    Never realized this thread existed. Might have to share a couple things :lol:
  6. Sean1242

    NGD Seagull entourage acoustic = smiley face

    Gonna buy a few Seagulls in the future. Absolutely love their stuff. HNGD!
  7. Sean1242

    Left Handed Carvin DC800

    Bump and a post since my pictures accidentally got deleted. More can be seen at Carvin DC800 Photos by Sean1242 | Photobucket
  8. Sean1242

    Left Handed Carvin DC800

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Left handed Carvin DC800 Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original hardshell case Location (City,State or City,Country): Beavercreek, Ohio, USA International OK? : If the buyer is interested in paying for all of the...
  9. Sean1242

    NGD: Fender Custom Shop // Telecaster Closet Classic Pro

    Still unsure of what I'm gonna do actually. Just enjoying the moment I guess :D
  10. Sean1242

    NGD: Fender Custom Shop // Telecaster Closet Classic Pro

    Hey, everyone. I'll give a little bit of backstory although that's the boring part :D It's been an interesting past few days for sure. I'm a huge Fender fan and when I heard that Sweetwater was having the Fender CS come in for their road show, I knew I had to be there. The whole event was...
  11. Sean1242

    Show Us Your Fender/Squier Strats!

    My FSR surf green lefty :D
  12. Sean1242

    NGD Fender CS Graffiti Yellow '69 strat

    Absolutely stunning. HNGD!
  13. Sean1242

    Fender Stratty (Shield the eyes , Clapton content)

    Such a beauty. Absolutely love it, man. HNGD!
  14. Sean1242

    NGD: My very first Fender!

    HNGD! Fenders are my favourite and I'm sure you'll love it. Tortoise on black is very classy in my opinion. I have a black one on my black tele and it's okay, nothing great haha. Here's mine so you can see what the black on black looks like.