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  1. BabUShka

    Do you use the tone knob on your guitar?

    Never. If I would imagine a situation where i might use it, it would be if I played really loud on the clean channel. But that never happened, as I use my volume pot instead to tweak away harsh frequencies if needed.
  2. BabUShka

    Pickup Height for Metal

    Big difference between the different pickups, and personal preferance. SD Distortion I liked to have far away from the strings, to get more clarity and chuggs. For EMG 81, I like them closer because they sound less thin, more fat and full this way. For SH5 - somewhere in the middle. But then...
  3. BabUShka

    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    Finally swapped the pickups in the 2017 Flying V. Had a pair of BKP Mule and Riff Raff, those were nice. But the covered set of Miracle Man is tighter and more aggressive, great match.
  4. BabUShka

    Best naturally mid scooped amps?

    I fullt support ENGL Powerball. I you can afford the Savage, probably even better. I dont think the Powerball is as versitile as people starte it is, thats my thought after owning one for a couple of weeks. But it does death metal type of distortion really good. The high gain channel is...
  5. BabUShka

    Good meaty distortion tones from bass

    Its been a long time since I played in a band.. But I remember at the end that I built a DIY Distortion plus clone. We plugged at bass into it and it sounded really nice, used as a boost with low distortion and high volume setting on the pedal. He bought it from me the same day.
  6. BabUShka

    What are your favorite pickups?

    Yes, the SH1b is very underrated! I had Seymour Duncan Blues set installed for a long time in my Les Paul Classic. Great pickups, they do metal very well
  7. BabUShka

    What are your favorite pickups?

    For the moment its the Seymour Duncan SH5. Im slowly converting all my guitars to this pickup. Second place must be BPK Nailbomb, only tried the ceramic version.
  8. BabUShka

    Boutique cables

    Ive had a lot of cables and always thought that with my descent soldering skills I didnt need expensive cables.. Then I bought a Planed Waves cable, after that a Monster and Armor Gold cable a couple of years back and realised how good they are. Had those for a while now, still working - no...
  9. BabUShka

    NAD: Marshall JVM205C Black Snakeskin Limited Edition

    Congrats! I have the head version - JVM 205H. Sold one a couple of years back, missed it like hell - bought one again. Will never sell it again. I run my through channel 2, orange mode - gain a 11 o clock. Mainly without boost, but I like to run a very transparent boost like Sweet Honey. I love...
  10. BabUShka

    What bands did you see live recently / are waiting to see?

    Waiting to see Iron Maiden in my hometown in june.
  11. BabUShka

    Random Pics of Your Rig

    My monsters. I love them both.
  12. BabUShka

    Suggestion to replace SD Distortion

    What I experienced with the Distortion is that it sounded like it has a lot of distortion (ofc...) and huge amount of highs. I couldn't hear the mids that well, even though they probably are there.. While for the SH5, it has probably less mids, but the pickup still cut better through a mix than...
  13. BabUShka

    "Amp in the room" tone doesn't matter. Or does it?

    Would I enjoy a live concert as a silent one throught a headphone ? Nope. I like to feel the sound filling the space and my body. Same goes for my amps. Just love the feeling of the amp-in-the-room. Then again. Im only playing for myself. If I would record a lot, I can see that maybe the amp in...
  14. BabUShka

    New Amp Searching...

    For the moment I play both Powerball and JVM205. They are both very different amps with a lot of dialing options. I love the very modern and compressed sound of the powerball. The high gain channel is brutal from the first note. Good cleans. Crunch, not so much imo. Good leads. Soundwise I...
  15. BabUShka

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Great, good to hear! I sold my Mule / Riff Raff set as I wanted something bit heavier for the Flying V. I was thinking about the D Activator set.. But then I came over this Miracle Man set randomly for $100 with super short cables and he had done som weird stuff to the screws holes.. . I have a...
  16. BabUShka

    Suggestion to replace SD Distortion

    I had a Distortion installed in my ESP Eclipse. Great pickup, but a little bit "too much" of the good stuff or my taste. I changed to SH5 instead, very very happy with that. Also have a SH5 installed in a Schecter ATX Blackjack. I know its a matter of taste, but I prefer my two SH5 over the...
  17. BabUShka

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Just scored a nice set of BPK Miracle Man with nickel covers for my Flying V. Thought I'd give them a chance. Short cable that needs to be exteded, that scared away a lot of potential buyers and pushed the price down. Perfect.
  18. BabUShka

    ENGL Ironball 20 or Fireball 25?

    I have a thing for Fireballs, my vote goes to that. Mostly because I've owned one before, and the Fireball looks more authentic than the Ironball to my taste in form of visual and looks. Both probably sound amazing, and both will do moderate volume levels fine. I've used a 60W Fireball at home...
  19. BabUShka

    Is the Mezzabarba Skill 30 Loud Enough?

    Congrats with a nice amp :) How does it clear up for 7 string stuff? I've experienced a lot of amps under 50W doing heavy detuning great, but when it comes to 7 string - some of the bigger amps deliver less muddy sounds. I play a Mesa inspired copy of 18W 6V6 tube amp (Madamp A15MKII) and it...
  20. BabUShka

    NAD - German masterpiece

    Its not that visable in the picture, but there is actually some rust in the grill of the cabinet. Any advice on how to remove/reduce/clean it?