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  1. Grindspine

    Big cabinets going out of style? (New cab day)

    So I had some time today to A/B/C my cabinets pictured above. The Mesa 1x12 mini Rectifier sounds significantly thinner than just running through the Vintage 30 side of the Road King 2x12. I am stuck wondering if the cabinet depth is making that much of a difference or if the speaker in the...
  2. Grindspine

    Big cabinets going out of style? (New cab day)

    I am that weird generation between Gen X & millennial. I have thought that full stacks were a bit much for a long time. I would love a 3/4 stack at some point, but more for just appearance rather than actual need for volume. Anything jamming without a drummer, I can get along with my Mark 525...
  3. Grindspine

    Big cabinets going out of style? (New cab day)

    I think that Quilter was using the Celestion TF0818 speakers in those. I recall reading some reviews while I was searching for small speakers. The TF series are considered PA midrange drivers, but they carry downtuned, 7 string, and extended range guitars really well!
  4. Grindspine

    Big cabinets going out of style? (New cab day)

    If I get my old Crate 4x12 back, I may pull off a 3/4 stack at some point. With as heavy as the Road King 2x12 was, I would be wary of the 4x12 version at 109 lbs. I used to run two 4x12 cabs side by side. That seems a bit excessive since I am not actively gigging though.
  5. Grindspine

    Big cabinets going out of style? (New cab day)

    Last time I played my 4x12 was years ago. It was left in a friend's house before COVID, so I may not see it for a long time. Several years ago, I got a little stereo 2x8 cabinet loaded with Celestion and EarCandy 100 watt drivers so that I would have a compact and portable cabinet capable of...
  6. Grindspine

    Do you use the tone knob on your guitar?

    Tone knob?... OOHHHH yeah, that thing. ... nope.. nope, I don't use them. I removed the tone pot from my USA B.C. Rich and covered the hole with a sticker. My RGDs don't have any silly extra knobs. On my import B.C. Rich Warlock, I converted the tone knob to a spin-a-split for the bridge...
  7. Grindspine

    Been playing guitar around 20 years, STILL can't choose a guitar pick.

    I used Dunlop Jazz Stubby 3 mm for years. When I worked full-time as a guitar tech, I was wearing through at least a pick a week if not more. I ended up finding Dragon's Heart guitar picks. The GT is pretty good, with a carbon fiber fill in the polyimide base. What I have used for the last few...
  8. Grindspine

    Compression in Metal?

    I had a Keeley for several years and really tried to like it. I really felt like all it did for high-gain sounds was raise the noise floor. I have several boost pedals with lower noise and more frequency specificity that I prefer. On cleans it was nice to have a bit more punch and consistency...
  9. Grindspine

    NGD Headless/Multiscale Content

    I've got a multi-scale Legator N8FX Ninja (26.5 - 28") that has been serving me very well of late! I haven't gotten a chance to play a Legator bass. For me, that niche is already filled an an Ibanez EHB headless. Congrats on the find! Headless instruments and Legator as a brand both get my...
  10. Grindspine

    Heavy AF Solid State Love

    I have a, still working, Crate GX212+. I gutted the Crate 80 watt speakers and replaced them with Celestion G12H-80s, but prefer also running it with the external cab output to a Mesa 1x12 so that I get a mix of the open-back cab with the G12H80s and the Mesa cab with the Vintage 30. It also...
  11. Grindspine

    String tension calculator, with graphic visualization

    Very nice! I saved this to favorites for reference. It is a lot more intuitive of a layout than the Stringjoy or D'addario tension calculators I have seen.
  12. Grindspine

    Tube amps are dying luxury.... Do you agree?

    Uhm, exactly a tambourine, or any other available sound. Ever heard of synthesis? The snarky response wasn't appreciated.
  13. Grindspine

    Thiele, ported, closed back, or open back cabs? (Mesa input, especially!)

    I haven't had the fortune of trying a Mesa 1x12 Thiele, but with the mentions of ported EarCandy cabs above, thought I'd comment. I literally just got done playing my 8 string (28" F#) through both my Mesa 1x12 Recto (v30 loaded) and my EarCandy Bailey 2x8 (Celestion TF0818 loaded). To my ears...
  14. Grindspine

    Tube amps are dying luxury.... Do you agree?

    People said the same thing about vinyl and phonographs too.. buuut, there has been a resurgence of that type of audio being hip, even though most of it is recorded from a digital master anyway... Good quality never goes out of style. Sure, digital modeling is way more viable than it was 20...
  15. Grindspine

    NGD: Need More Twang?! (Warmoth Telecaster Content)

    That is a niiice neck. I have been strongly considering a Warmoth build. How close to flush are the neck screws to the neck plate over the heel cut?
  16. Grindspine

    What is this bridge, ibby rg42t content

    Correction, an original Edge or Edge Lo Pro will NOT fit that route.
  17. Grindspine

    What is this bridge, ibby rg42t content

    Yeah, like said above, the Edge Pro II (also pictured above) should be a drop-in fit. A Gotoh 1996GT should also be a pretty close fit. An original Edge or Edge Pro will NOT fit that route.
  18. Grindspine

    Back to the 90s!!!

    A Mesa Triple Rec, whether its Rev G, Rev F, or reborn three channel, is pure win. Although I don't have a "proper" Recto head, My Triaxis has a Recto mode that is nicely tightened by a Dirty Tree boost pedal. Happy new amp day--That's a great find!
  19. Grindspine

    Nate Navarro Sub Octave Bass 42"-39" multiscale

    It does sound great, but I had to laugh when he tuned it to E -1. "Does it djent?" before anyone else gets to it. Yes, yes it does. It is cool seeing something hit the market that extends lower than Dingwall's 37" Afterburner or Kalium's 40" Quake bass.
  20. Grindspine

    NGD: Ibanez RG2027XL

    Congrats! I figure those are pretty similar in overall spec to my two RGDs. I have played a few of those, but it was a couple of years ago. Either way, great score and those custom shop Duncans look pretty killer too!