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  1. Asdrael

    FS [EU] Engl Ironball 20 Head E606 White - Limited Edition

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: near mint Engl Ironball 20 Head E606 White - Limited Edition. I bought it recently second hand. The previous owner had it revalved with original ENGL tubes last year and let it sit. Modifications (if any): no Accessories (hardshell case etc): can...
  2. Asdrael

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Now that I discovered really bonding with a few instruments and not needing to swap guitars that much, I'm falling in the hole of whoring amps and possibly cabinets (I don't count pedals :p). Not entirely satisfied by my Ironball 25 for how I play but there is something in the ENGL grain I...
  3. Asdrael

    Tell me the driest (least saturated), most open/raw (least compressed), tightest (least bass) amps.

    While it can get saturated, the Ironball 25 would fit what you want from an amp imo. Just keep the gain below 9:00.
  4. Asdrael

    NGD- Harley Benton Fusion III

    Hoh I didn't know that! That's nice. Go for it then. I heard the Harley Benton pedals are also great cheap copies if you need to fill up a pedal board ;)
  5. Asdrael

    NGD- Harley Benton Fusion III

    I may have had a bad experience but even though the fretwork was good, I had to return the guitar I had (also a fusion 350€ approx) for an exchange because the pickup cavities were grossly missaligned with the strings. I am not talking a mm, I'm talking 5mm, so aligning the pickups by redrilling...
  6. Asdrael

    NGD- Harley Benton Fusion III

    Those HB are great guitars for the price. I had one and the frets aren't as smooth as they should be. Fixed easily with some 00000 steel wool followed by Autosol.
  7. Asdrael

    What are your favorite pickups?

    Blaze. I really didn't like the custom when I tried it. As for the Cold Sweat, you are right for the neck, but the bridge really seems to be forgotten. Almost never seen one for sale used, although I think it is somewhat popular with Les Paul peeps.
  8. Asdrael

    What are your favorite pickups?

    The guitars I grab the most have either a set of Blazes or a set of BKP Cold Sweats. The Blaze are just *the* 7 string stock tone I compare everything too, and the BKP Cold Sweat, despite noone talking about them, have the exact output level I like, the neck is super, and the only drawback of...
  9. Asdrael

    Used gear market is kinda weird right now.

    Exactly my attitude on the german/EU used market currently. I just have a decently well setup notification system so I don't sweat on it but can react when I need to. (although people have a tendency to think that "upgrading" a guitar with their favorite pickup makes it worth more money than...
  10. Asdrael

    Used gear market is kinda weird right now.

    I am in the same Germany as you both I suppose, and after watching some specific-but-not-so-rare gear over the last year or so, it seems used gear in good shape is around 75% of the new price on eBay kleinanzeigen. Which is still rather high for a used item in other fields (although arguably...
  11. Asdrael

    DiMarzio Mirage pickups (New Jake Bowen sigs)

    See the positive: fanboys will sell their titans to get the new skid mark racing stripe pickups, so we'll get a drop in used Titans price.
  12. Asdrael

    My tinnitus scare

    I have tinnitus. The "classical" one, resulting from simply damaging one of my ear. I am lucky enough that it's rather high pitched (outside of a normal voice range) and pretty quiet. I have to admit I had a very hard time accepting it for the first year. Then I realized my brain was much better...
  13. Asdrael

    The Fishman Fluence Thread

    Thanks for the replies guys. It seems it's a "me" problem. Let's see if i get used to the pickups. If not, well, I'll be on the market for some good old passives. I did try with a boost in front and a somewhat lower channel gain on the amp and it seems to bring up some of the feel i was...
  14. Asdrael

    AI Generated Metal...

    Noone has mentioned the goblin on drums playing the massive troll as a kickdrum? Fucking ace.
  15. Asdrael

    The Fishman Fluence Thread

    I may have mixed up the voice names - I meant the "active" mode is noisier than the "passive humbucker" mode (my volume push pull). The split is on the tone push pull on my setup. Beside the barrel jack wiring which might be off, I'll double check the pins at the back. The rest of the wiring is...
  16. Asdrael

    The Fishman Fluence Thread

    Sadly, I don't have anything to record right now beside a cell phone. Anyhow, I think you are right @HeHasTheJazzHands . Just the frequency response is nothing I was used to. After playing with them a few hours, changing amp settings, I am closer to what I expected - although still no "gut...
  17. Asdrael

    The Fishman Fluence Thread

    I used one of Abasi wiring diagram (two push pulls). According to the tech who did it (he also called fishman to double check) it's not an issue as basically all fluence work the same: ground a connection to enable a mode. When all pots are "pushed" it's a basic voice 1. All grounds seem good too.
  18. Asdrael

    The Fishman Fluence Thread

    So i have installed the Townsend's in my RGA. All the wiring seems on point, push pulls working etc. But i have a few issues with them and i wonder if it's just how the fluence are or if there is something wonky i should be investigating. - they are definitely not quieter than any of my passive...
  19. Asdrael

    Guitar Monkey tuners

    So, tuners received. They look solid: the gorilla is engraved, they are rather light and seem to be made as drop in replacements for Gotoh style 135* (ie, Ibanez) tuners. They turn without problem and when unscrewing the thumb screw, you can see the gearing. I won't be able to comment on how...
  20. Asdrael

    FS [EU] Peavey 6505 MH

    Sold :locked: