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  1. dmlinger

    Working on our first model

    Looking good
  2. dmlinger

    NGD: Need More Twang?! (Warmoth Telecaster Content)

    Can vouch - that is a bitchin' guitar!
  3. dmlinger

    Working on our first model

    Build some completed guitars and post on here. We all geek out over that stuff, so post progress pics. Get some builds under your belt (if you haven't already...I didn't see any on your socials) and gauge feedback from there.
  4. dmlinger

    Working on our first model

    How do you plan on doing this while still being profitable enough to continue on as a business and not end up like countless other “companies?” It cost a lot of money to employ skilled people to build guitars.
  5. dmlinger

    Capacitor's and physical size

    It's just different construction methods. I believe the orange drop is a foil cap and the Ibanez OEM caps are usually ceramic discs. There are others out there, like paper in oil, but electrically they all do the same thing.
  6. dmlinger

    Pickguard that fits Schecter PT

    It looks like a standard tele guard, but it's so hard to tell. Could be ab exact match, or could be slightly off. Wouldn't be surprised either way. If you've got a standard tele or access to one, it might be worth comparing them to see how they match up. If not, search for a PDF of a tele...
  7. dmlinger

    The Les Paul thread

    I agree. I'm currently one heavy. Would like to get something different, but can't decide which LP would go...therein lies the rub.
  8. dmlinger

    What is The Lexus of Guitars?

    I’m in Dallas and it’s almost always fancy pickup trucks.
  9. dmlinger

    What is The Lexus of Guitars?

    Damn, what did Lexus do to hurt you? :lol:
  10. dmlinger

    The Les Paul thread

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what you got
  11. dmlinger

    The Les Paul thread

    I’m fully capable, but I don’t do modifications that can’t be undone usually. Plus, dog ears are much wider than humbucker tabs, so you’d need a surround that’s larger than your usual pickup ring, and that would look silly.
  12. dmlinger

    The Les Paul thread

    I’ve seen Humbucker sized P90s but no P90 sized humbuckers.
  13. dmlinger

    The Les Paul thread

    All I want is a single Humbucker Junior that doesn’t cost $5k. I don’t need binding or anything fancy. Just a Humbucker instead of a P90. I can’t get this out of my mind.
  14. dmlinger

    Fake Seymour Duncans?

    That was my gut read, too. I love Duncans and have always had good luck filtering Reverb by listings that accept offers. Not long ago I picked up a gold set of Distortions for less than $200 brand new.
  15. dmlinger

    Post Your GAS

    Yea man! There was a hardtail one with white over paisley on Reverb a few weeks ago. It checked all of the boxes...loved the aesthetics, flatter radius, humbucker in bridge, hardtail, jumbo frets, loved it. If only it didn't have a $5K price tag! Ever since I saw it I've been toying with the...
  16. dmlinger

    The Les Paul thread

    Yes to question 1. No experience with Tokai but they seem to be well respected.
  17. dmlinger

    NGD: more lespaulitis (happy Gibsunday)

    Congrats! Been wanting a Classic for a bit now. Glad to hear you like it. The black and zebra pickups suit this one actually. Also, the doom is strong in your third demo clip! I dig 🤘
  18. dmlinger

    Official Daemoness Guitars Thread

    Same - always liked that one, too. I built a 7 that had the same finish.
  19. dmlinger

    How many patch changes does a 20 minute set need?

    Lol when living in Nashville during college I played (very briefly) in a cover band called Girth Brooks. Every set was a party. Goddamn those were the days.