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    New Agile Headless w/ TT Frets and Headstump

    True temperament is hugely unnecessary. A well intonated and setup guitar will be very in tune up and down the neck. Same goes for those compensated nuts
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    Helix 3.5 just dropped

    modelling is just as good as profiling, sound-wise. yeah sure, it's neat that software and plug-ins are doing it as well now, but it's just not necessary with the quality of modelling available. much less flexible too
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    New Schecter Models Megathread

    That black cherry is quite awful and overused. Makes a quilt top look flat/not 3d and is the worst kind of red
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    Do different guitar bridges change your tone?

    Not out of my own guitars, no. But I've played enough different guitars through the same rigs to know that the difference would be moot. Feel is definitely noticeable though, obviously
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    Do different guitar bridges change your tone?

    not NEARLY as much as changing the knobs on an amp will change your tone. Not even worth considering. get a bridge based on feel and looks equally, then price... Never tone
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    Does a preamp pedal serve any purpose in front of an audio interface and amp sim?

    Audio interface will be cheaper. Get an interface and whatever software
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    Does a preamp pedal serve any purpose in front of an audio interface and amp sim?

    Any sound you get in the real world can be made digitally these days. Skip the pedals
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    Schecter SLS Elite 7 FR vs Schecter Silver Mountain 7 FR-S 🤔

    Let me make this easy for you... Get the sls elite because i like it better
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    Schecter SLS Elite 7 FR vs Schecter Silver Mountain 7 FR-S 🤔

    They're both good guitars. Buy the one that looks better
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    NGD: Ibanez UV777620 (7620 neck with UV777 body)

    make sure your locking nut is tightened down well enough too, both at the pads AND where it mounts to the neck. if the nut slides around at all, it can create issues like this
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    NGD: Ibanez UV777620 (7620 neck with UV777 body)

    try soaking the stud in a cup of penetrating oil for a day or 2. if nothing gets it unstuck, just buy another stud/stud set
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    Dave Weiner Reverb Sale

    Well he obviously doesn't need the money right away. Kind of a good idea... Price gear so high that you don't have to worry about actually selling it if you don't REALLY want to sell it and if you get a buyer, score!
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    Anyone using STL plugins?

    i'll never support this model. if everything goes to subscription i'll just stick to legacy software. just what everyone needs, another lamprey on the bank account month to month. having to subscribe only to ditch a short while later sounds like more of a pain to me... especially if you have to...
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    Anyone using STL plugins?

    I don't care what it sounds like, it's not worth 15 a month with all the other options out there
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    Anyone using STL plugins?

    Yeah all current sims are good now (except positive grid stuff... Usable but not worth the price). Just find a GUI you like the best and roll with it
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    Update: I'm impressed w/ this floyd rose 1000 series (Jackson pro soloist MII)

    All floating bridges are gonna be off a few cents pullup or dive. You may not hear it, but a tuner will show. You can make it closer with lube, or sometimes a post swap will help. Developing some re-center tricks will make any trem usable. Either way, 1000 series floyds are definitely top tier
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    Ibanez UV777P with a 7620 neck - worth it for $764?

    That thing is modded to hell. Offer $500 or trade outright
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    NGD: Ibanez Premium S1070PBZ

    while i trust MIJ sight unseen more, i have seen a few of these in music stores and the quality was on par for sure. looks like you got a good one, nice score!
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    Jackson V - It’s a fake right?

    Whatever it is, it's a piece of shit (def fake). I'd beat the hell out of that thing guilt free to give it some legitimacy
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    Really digging Amplitube 5

    Amplitube 5 is very good. All these amp sims are good now, though (except for positive grid bias). Just gotta find the interface you like best as they are all accurate sounding