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  1. EdgeCrusher

    Practice Amp Heads

    Joyo Zombie when I want a real amp/cab sound for chugging, Pod HD500 direct with an IR loader when I want to be quieter or have more tonal options. Neither see as much use as my 5153 50w watt though, even for home use.
  2. EdgeCrusher

    5153 - help me choose one

    I only have experience with the OG 50 watt 6L6, but I would highly recommend it. I usually just play at home at low volumes but had the chance to finally crank it at my buddies the other day with loud drums and bass, and man, it rips! Even just out my Harley Benton vertical 2x12. No issues...
  3. EdgeCrusher

    New Mesa Boogie Mark amp?

    I just want to see a 50 watt Mark with 2 6L6 power tubes, something similar in size to the EVH 50 watts. That would have been much better than the V:35. Oh well, I can't afford Mesas these days anyway. Still kicking myself for selling my Mark III red stripe head back around 2014 before the...
  4. EdgeCrusher

    Dimarzio 7string selection help

    I love the DS7 in my RG7621. It's just hot enough without being too hot, cuts really well with great clarity, and is very tight and responsive to the right hand. It's pretty versatile as is equally suited to rhythms and leads. It may be a bit too tight and mid forward for some genres though; it...
  5. EdgeCrusher

    NGD: RG 2228A

    Love it! The RG2228A is my ideal 8 string, at least for attainable ones. A J-Custom would be the dream :) I'm pretty happy with my RG8 w/ upgraded pickups for now though. Speaking of pickups, how do you like the D-Activators? How would you compare them to other pickups you have experience with...
  6. EdgeCrusher

    Solar "Chug" Pedal - Available Now!

    Sounds like a MetalZone to me. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as those work pretty well as a preamp pedal in a pinch. I don't really see the appeal though.
  7. EdgeCrusher

    Evh 5153 50w issue

    The clean clip does not sound super off to me; the amp is very high gain. Is it clipping the input to your interface on the high gain clip though? I put a lower gain JJ ecc82 tube in v1 in mine to help reduce the gain, as I find it's way too much with the stock ecc83/12ax7. This allows for more...
  8. EdgeCrusher

    i bought the precision drive for my pedalboard..... i regret it!

    They are technically not patches, you just load in your own impulse response files. You can find free IR downloads on the internet or just buy some. There is a link to some free ones in the description of this video:
  9. EdgeCrusher

    i bought the precision drive for my pedalboard..... i regret it!

    Yeah, the stock IR's in the pedal are not great. I loaded in a bunch of free ones I found areound the web; I mostly use an Ownhammer Mesa V60 IR. I use it for direct recording my EVH 5150 III 50 watt head as well as my Line6 Pod HD500. I get pretty good results with both. Try going guitar > PD...
  10. EdgeCrusher

    i bought the precision drive for my pedalboard..... i regret it!

    Your amp is not that bad, that's not the problem. Nor is it singularly one of those pedals. It's that you are way over complicating the signal chain. See here: I also have a Nu-X Solid Studio IR pedal. It's great! But it's designed to take a preamp signal and add a cab sim for going direct...
  11. EdgeCrusher

    Pickup Choices for Thickening the Sound of a Floyd Rose-Equipped Guitar

    I've been on a similar tone quest with my RG570; it's just naturally a bit thinner than my fixed bridge guitars. I had a Tone Zone/Air Norton in it first, which I did really enjoy. I ended up swapping in a D-Sonic in the bridge to help tighten up the low end, as I found it a bit too loose for my...
  12. EdgeCrusher

    For EBMM Petrucci Guitars - Crunch Lab/Liquifire vs Illuminator Set

    I am big fan of the D-Sonic, moreso in my RG7621 than in my RG570 though. I think the tightness of the pickup lends itself better to lower tunings rather than standard E or Drop D. The one complaint I have about it in my 6 is that it can be a bit too stiff/tight at times for the Drop D tuning...
  13. EdgeCrusher

    NPD - BKP meets JP6

    I actually bought an alnico Nailbomb to replace the DS7 in my RG7621 way back in the day towards the beginning of the BKP hype; must have been 15 years ago now. I really wanted to try one out due to the hype. I remember it being more open and organic sounding compared to the D-Sonic. Had a bit...
  14. EdgeCrusher

    Thinking of selling my EVH 5153 50W V1

    Unless some of your preamp tubes have gone bad, you likely do not need to replace them. Preamp tubes typically either work correctly or they do not. They are not really going to degrade in tone over time like power tubes do. As long as the preamp tubes are functioning correctly, you likely...
  15. EdgeCrusher

    Now that BK's are $200 a pop what are people gravitating towards

    I always just go for Dimarzios. Love the D-Sonic 7 in my RG7621, I don't think I'll ever replace it. I actually did swap it once with an alnico Nailbomb, but just put the D-Sonic 7 back in since I preferred the attack and tightness. I have a set of Holy Divers in my RG8, but only because I found...
  16. EdgeCrusher

    Effects Send/Preamp Out vs Speaker Out w/ IR's

    I'm curious as to what everyone's thoughts and experiences are regarding using the effects send/preamp out vs using the speaker out with a load when using impulse responses. What do you all prefer? Is it worth it to get a device that has a load box to get the power amp voicing instead of just...
  17. EdgeCrusher

    Cheap cab, good speakers?

    I'm happy with my Harley Benton vertical 212. Perfect size for my 50 watt 5150 III, V30's, easy to move, and is crazy affordable. Only complaint is that the speakers sound a bit fizzy/papery, but they just need to be broken in I'm pretty sure. If you are looking for an affordable 412 with...
  18. EdgeCrusher

    OVERDRIVE THREAD - Your Favorite Pedal For Boosting High Gain Amps?

    I've mainly only used the TS808 over the past 15 years. I had a Bad Monkey for a bit, and really liked the separate bass and treble controls, but overall slightly preferred the tone of the TS808. Something in the midrange that cut though more from what I remember; it was quite a while ago. I...
  19. EdgeCrusher

    Why the 5150 III 50w Heads are the Best Amps Ever Made

    Yes, Tung Sol tubes are a bit brighter than JJ. I actually put a JJ ECC82 (12AU7) in v1 of my OG 50 watt to lower the gain of all channels, as I feel the amp is too gainy/fizzy for my tastes. This allows me to put everything at 6 on the amp like you would an original 5150. I did also try out a...
  20. EdgeCrusher

    Those Old Pod Farm Patches?

    I was just reading the other day that Within the Ruins second album Invade uses Podfarm with stock Line6 cab sims for all main rhythm guitars (with 5150 and Engl Savage for leads). I was pretty shocked, as I always thought they mainly used the Engl for their tones. Sounds killer to me! I still...