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  1. Pietjepieter

    What's your practice routine like?

    I got bored with exercises, i find playing songs more fun, and also makes me a better musician. I mean ripping trough 3NPS excersisis at a sick number of BPM is cool, but even cooler in a song. I came to the point that I was only excersicing and not making music anymore.... Try to make music...
  2. Pietjepieter

    What's your practice routine like?

    I just try to play stuff that I can not play... Couple of years back I mainly practiced exercises, tree notes per sting scale runs, chromatic stuff, sweeping etc. But at some moment it is just boring I guess. So no I try to learn songs to a metronome. Currently working on BTBAM (revolution in...
  3. Pietjepieter

    NGD: Schecter PT7

    That is I think the best looking schecter I have ever seen, and one of the best looking 7 strings!! Enjoy man, think is sexy!!
  4. Pietjepieter


    Not a big PRS fan, but this thing is so good looking!! congrets, killer axe!
  5. Pietjepieter

    What is your "white whale" guitar?

    Damn I forgot how much I like the Varberg! They should make normal model out of it!
  6. Pietjepieter

    Lichtlaerm pedals?

    Just recieve this in the mail!
  7. Pietjepieter

    New Metal Music Thread

    Came here to post this, cool track!
  8. Pietjepieter

    New Ne Obliviscaris

    I am highly in doubt if I am going to see them this sunday. It's a hour drive, but next day work etc. but mostly sick live band and they tour with persefone
  9. Pietjepieter

    Random Pics of Your ERG's!

    Damn still need NGD... als NAD, cause new amp... busy and lazy I guess
  10. Pietjepieter

    Post your demos HERE! 😊

    Short part of a song I am working on!
  11. Pietjepieter

    Why isn't East of The Wall more well liked around here?

    Two new songs sound great! Looking forward to the album!
  12. Pietjepieter

    NGD: Edwards E-HR8-FR 8 string with Floyd!

    oh man such a cool locking guitar, love almost everything about it (sorry me do not like floyds.... ) Sick guitar, and need a family picture of all your 8 strings :)
  13. Pietjepieter

    Random Pics of Your ERG's!

    Blackat NGD incomming!!
  14. Pietjepieter

    New Metal Music Thread

  15. Pietjepieter

    Should I buy the Ibanez M80M or Ormsby Goliath 8?

    I think it depends a lot on what you want to do with it. M80M is a super cool monster guitar, but if you what to shred some DT it is maybe not the right tool for the job. But between those two i whould defently go M80M it got some caracter :) but if it was my first 8 and I needed more a Jack...
  16. Pietjepieter

    Josh Scott Needs To Be Stopped

    Find mine old one... working fine, sound so good, and it makes you sweep pick 6 tripplets on 180 bpm with a problem. You can make a offer (Cookie Monster NOT included) All jokes aside I totally forgot that I had one, and yeah ok it is not as bat as I remember... Having fun with it :)