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  1. ChrispyFinch

    NGD: Suhr Modern Roasted in Trans Whale Blue

    love me a modern, HNGD for sure! Ive got that wilkenson bridge on one of my moderns and im torn between it and the gotoh 510. The extra screws make the Wilk a bit fiddly.
  2. ChrispyFinch


    thankfully Dustie didnt stick his name on it. I want the hardtail version of this still, the black top and maple just ooze mojo to me. Cheers for your new PRS
  3. ChrispyFinch

    What is your "white whale" guitar?

    I have 3: 1. Charvel 750Xl 2. Charvel Star (with jackson headstock and only bridge pickup) 3. Gibson Les Paul Custom (with only bridge pickup)
  4. ChrispyFinch

    CAD/CNC software to sketch guitar bodies

    another Fusion user here. Lots of great (and free) eduction out there for Fusion!
  5. ChrispyFinch

    Suhr Modern Plus or Mayones Duvell Elite or Caparison?

    i have 2 of these right now. And have had my hands on a duvell elite recently as well. You want straight metal? Mayones Duvel hands down You want more versatility? Suhr Modern hands down I love the suhr moderns, i have 2 of them. I sold my Mayones Regius awhile back. Different strokes and all...
  6. ChrispyFinch

    Show Me Your Caparison Thread

    I had posted awhile back on this thread about looking for a Caparison. Well I found a deal and this is on the way! So thanks for igniting the GAS. I'll wait a bit to determine if the stock pickups will work, since i've read that people dont like them. This will check a few boxes im missing at...
  7. ChrispyFinch

    Quad Cortex data breach

    inb4 the tube purists come to "i told ya so".
  8. ChrispyFinch

    Brandon Ellis Custom Jackson

    got damn
  9. ChrispyFinch

    What are your favorite pickups?

    -BKP Warpigs -PRS 57/08s -PRS 85/15s -Suhr. SSH+ and v60 singles -BKP Trilogy Suite -Fender Texas Specials almost forgot the -Dimarzio 36th PAFs
  10. ChrispyFinch

    NGD (x a few) with a twist at the end?

    shout out to the JSX, seriously great amp!
  11. ChrispyFinch

    New Scar Symmetry finally getting close.

    the full album is on prerelease on apple music. As always, its sounds great. Great tones, production, arrangements, etc.
  12. ChrispyFinch

    Umansky bass users out there? Tell me how its F0 sounds

    i actually just got that plugin over the weekend. It sounds great, imo. F0 is crazy, but it remains articulate in the plugin. As a single note, 'fingder alternate' articulation (which is standard articulation), there is still attack etc. The Dingwall they sampled is pretty jangly, even in the...
  13. ChrispyFinch

    New Aaron Marshall Signature Schecter

    didnt take him long to ditch the import and have a suh-i mean schecther usa made.
  14. ChrispyFinch

    Best shops for refinishing?

    Do NOT use Sims customshop. DO NOT
  15. ChrispyFinch

    NGD Private Stock PRS Content

    the vulture is *chefs kiss*. HNGD
  16. ChrispyFinch

    Group NGD

    yup, before I registered that the corner was stuck to the finish I had already torked it sideways and it popped. oh well, at least it wasnt "original '59 hardware" or anything
  17. ChrispyFinch

    Learning tool website

    I wanted to share this resource I found, its has helped me learn caged method, the whole notes on the fretboard and a few other things. From a design perspective, its a really well done website, looks great and is easy to navigate. Not just for guitarists either. I'm not the creator or...
  18. ChrispyFinch

    Group NGD

  19. ChrispyFinch

    Group NGD