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    Rhapsody of Faiar splits up :´(

    Well fuck. I do hope we get to see more from Turilli as I like his works best :-)
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    NGD purrdy blue content (56k diaf)

    Awesome man, looking good :-)
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    New Gibson Melody MAker series [Link inside]

    Looks incredibly cheap. It is, however, better than the Firebird-X stuff.
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    Lowpitched lover from DK

    Hello fellow Dane! :wavey:
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    Bad RGD2127Z?

    If I remember correctly the ZR-trem are made, so that you can adjust the intonation without taking off the strings or bending them. I might be wrong though.
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    Ibanez MTM

    Just to clarify, it is not a prestige, but made in Korea.
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    Belated NGD, new ibanez x series Falchion from the LACS :)

    Nice - Could we perhaps get a pic showing the whole body, maybe strapped on? :)
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    Daemoness 7 string flamed beast Cimmerian

    Very nice. Would've probably gone with Dylans own headstock design. Looking really good tho, some fine work right there.
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    Closed - Get Some Posts Outside the Classifieds

    I'd trade you my RG1527, but I take we're too far away from eachother :) Beatiful guitar.
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    So Ive got this sword......

    Even though WW2 was a horrible thing and all that, I would love to own an item like this :)
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    My stepdad passed away this morning...

    My condolences.
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    ESP 2011

    Very, very dissapointed with the this lineup. Expected something better.
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    Edge-pro tremolo system problems

    That's what's needed :yesway: By the way, RG1527's are amazing guitars, love mine to death.
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    Edge-pro tremolo system problems

    The screws which connects the springs with the body, controls the tension of the springs. Simply unwind these until the tension suits your strings.
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    Should Willow be whipping her hair back and forth?

    This. Also just for clearance I still enjoy his movies, as I really like him as an actor, but it still itches me that I may or may not be supporting scientology by "supporting" 'him'.
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    Should Willow be whipping her hair back and forth?

    I lost all respect for Will Smith when I found out he was a scientologist. Never cared for the rest of his family though.
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    Caparison to come out with new import line?

    Hey everyone. Looks like Caparison have revived the old 'Chatting Bird'-guitars, just more alike their original guitars. caparison guitars official homepage
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    DK, Hehey! :-)

    DK, Hehey! :-)
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    Steffen Kummerer Signature Ran

    Fuck yes. It's as awesome as his first one. He deserves it.