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    /FT: Skervesen Shoggie FF8

    i have skervesen Raptor 019.......if you know what this guitar is?...pretty cool if you dig skervesen's.....1st of its kind in headstock, and first neck through built......pretty unique and plays like a dream.....a few friends have skervesens and i think this is by far the smoothest....i was...
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    For Sale: Overload Rea 6 Buckeye Burl

    hey this guitar still available
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    Skervesen/Carvin/other (EU)

    i have a very beautiful and unique Skervesen.......Raptor me if you want more in Canada and have references....
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    New guitar! Something interesting

    i have a skervesen if your interested.....although its more then take $2300 USD.... send me your email....ill send you pics....
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    Strandberg Boden 7 Claro Walnut

    hey adam..i sent u a msg......u still have this for trade?....
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    whats up lol

    whats up lol
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    /FT Mayones Setius GTM 6 MODDED (Melbourne, Australia)

    Hello, beautiful guitar, I have a JP6 for trade? does this interest you....I can send pics...
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    Caparison Angelus, ESP Horizon, Sabre Wraith Custom

    would you accept a jp6, fully loaded for trade?...for the sabre....nvmnd I guess I cant read, as its gone? lol
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    Anderson info wanted?

    Would like some info on a 1989 Anderson grand am....I would like to know the price on this guitar ....I see new ones going for 3899.99...but what is the value of a mint 1989?...this was a guitar that Steve Vai had used prior to the Ibenez Jem that he then used.
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    Hey, I'm Richard.

    Hey bud, im new too here...lots of expertise on here...and reputable too...
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    Black Water Guitar Company

    Very nice guitars you build!!! I will soon hopefully acquire one or have one built,....Keep up the good work!! pricing is great!!
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    LTD MH-417 w/ Crunchlab & Liquifire - Have a nice 7? Need cash? Look here!!

    I have a JP EBMM, I would be willing to asking has the peizo and bullet inlays....few flaws are the input jacks are tarnished, and also the peizo fix , but price is right.
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    Hello, new to this guitars and music

    Hello everyone...My name is Chad Chapman, I have just recently been informed of this website and I guess to the "Custom" guitars aswell...I am currently in a band. I have had an amazing array of guitars over the years and quite frankly I'm a little upset that I have not found...
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    Black Water buckeye burl custom

    Would you accept an 2 year old EVH Wolfgang with d-tuner, solid and beautiful U.S.A model..nice flamed maple..I paid willing to do straight swap...