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  1. Lemonbaby

    Germany closes the last of its nuclear plants

    Jesus! You can't be that uneducated, can you? That must be the single dumbest post I've read on a forum since 1962.
  2. Lemonbaby

    Serious question - is this a joke?

    Poor man's Mr. Bungle. But then again, never expected anything from Avenged Sevenfold. Always sucked, always will.
  3. Lemonbaby

    Germany closes the last of its nuclear plants

    Where did you pick up this nonsense? Everyone with enough money can get a nuclear power plant built. You might want to read up about the history of nuclear power in Germany to educate yourself.
  4. Lemonbaby

    Tube amps are dying luxury.... Do you agree?

    I only agree that tube amps are luxury goods. But: the luxury market's growing since years and years, e.g. mechanical watches.
  5. Lemonbaby

    Replacing pickups in a Les Paul. Dimarzio Norton or something else?

    +1 for the Super Distortion. Really nice pickup.
  6. Lemonbaby

    Skervesen guitars

    Got a Skervesen Swan several years ago and still love that thing!
  7. Lemonbaby

    Oh hey Extreme is finally back

    Jeeeesus, is it even possible to write more generic rock noodle?
  8. Lemonbaby

    Germany closes the last of its nuclear plants

    It's actually far from unquestioned and due to all the idiotic decisions over the last 12 months our Green leadership has a super weak support across the German people. The plan to shut down the nuclear power plants for good has been criticized many times from various sides. It's scientifically...
  9. Lemonbaby

    Ibanez RG to Lundgren

    When it's not selected, it's not connected.
  10. Lemonbaby

    4 coil wiring

    Some guys seem to spend more time switching than playing guitar. :shrug:
  11. Lemonbaby

    Torn between EMG's or SD Black Winters in my ESP guitars

    EMG 81s sound like shit to begin with while the Black Winter's one of the best pickups ever built. My contribution to Unpopular Opinion Day 2023.
  12. Lemonbaby

    Suggestion to replace SD Distortion

    Mids lacking in a Seymour Distortion? Are we talking about the same pickup?
  13. Lemonbaby

    Ergonomic high end 6 string for prog/fusion?

    "Ergonomic" is obviously very subjective, so what are must haves and show stoppers for you? I mean, there's even people who love playing Les Pauls ans Teles. And just because a company claims making ergonomic guitars doesn't mean they really are for you.
  14. Lemonbaby

    Ergonomic high end 6 string for prog/fusion?

    So you need help deciding between a nice Prestige or Majesty? The AZs are also great, don't forget to try one.
  15. Lemonbaby

    Constant hum after "rebuild"

    Besides checking all soldering joints, take a look at you output jack. Those get loose sometimes.
  16. Lemonbaby

    Capacitor's and physical size

    Despite the countless myths in the world of guitar electronics, all caps will react the same in your circuit. Differences/specifics of the various caps only come into play when looking at high voltage or HF/UHF radio applications.
  17. Lemonbaby

    Davie504 covers MoP

    If it's not downpicked, it's not Master of Puppets. Just sayin.